Any ACTUAL way to sync UI settings between multiple characters?

I’m try to sync my alts but cant find a way to just copy/pase settings…
There is any way to do it fast and simple?

Copy the character settings file in the App Data folder and rename it to the character IDs you want the UI to appear with.

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@Zhalyd_Lyehin posted a link to pretty nifty guide for PC users, but does anyone know how to do this on a Mac please?


Zero mac experience here, but I guess the only thing that’s different is the file location?

  • Find the core user and character settings of the account and character you want to copy,
  • copy them,
  • find the core users and character setting files of the target characters,
  • rename them to a backup name (I wouldn’t delete it yet),
  • rename your earlier copied files of character and account 1 to the original names of character and account 2 and
  • done!
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Maybe that helps?

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Thanks for that @Zhalyd_Lyehin that was really useful, at least as a starting point.

Having read through it, for Mac users the main error seems to be that the files that they should be looking for are are actually located in the user library folder, not the main library folder.

Here’s the correct file path …

(for security reasons some of the detail is blurred but suffice to say, the path is, in text form: Mac > Hard Drive > User Name > Library > Application Support > EVE Online

The main difficulty I found when I got there however was that although I have an Alpha account with one character on it and an Omega account with two characters on it, I could only see one CCP folder and only one c_tq_tranquility folder. Admittedly within this there are three core_user_###.dat files - XXXXXX25, XXXXXX091 and XXXXXX7 (whole numbers blurred for security) - but how on Earth do you know which character is which?!

Is there any chance a CCP super hero could help us here @CCP_Aurora with some pointers please?



These same numbers are used everywhere else. Zkillboard, or when you rightclick a character to save their portrait to your folder.

I suppose an easy way is to put the numbers in this URL and see which face pops up:

Alternatively, you find your characters in EVE Who and check the numbers there:

Characters is easy, but finding the right user when you have multiple users (accounts) is a bit trickier. Last time I did it I think I used ‘date modified’ to see which profile was which.


Start game with account and character you want to use. Close game and launcher after login. One with newest modified date is one you are looking for.

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I cracked it in the end, I think.

For those who might be interested (and also Mac users) here’s a revised set of instructions for how to do this:

First locate and open up the folder < c_tq_tranquility >

It’s normally found on the following file path:
User Name > Library > Application Support > EVE Online > p_drive > Local Settings > Application Data > CCP > EVE > SharedCache > wineenv > drive_c > users > User Name > Local Settings > Application Data > CCP > EVE > c_tq_tranquility

In this folder is the < settings_Default > folder, open this.

In this folder you will find < core_user_###.dat > files (one for each account that you have) and a < core_char_###.dat > character file for each characters that you have set up.

To check on the character you can go to (replacing the 0000s with the number found in the < core_char_###.dat > character file).

In terms of working out which < core_user_###.dat > file relates to which account, the easiest way to do this is to log into your main account, and then check the time of modification in the list view of files in the folder. The one with the most recent date and time is your main account - hereafter referred to as < core_user_main.dat >

Before you do anything else, BACK UP all < core_user_###.dat > and < core_char_###.dat > files just in case you mess up, and also ensure that no client is running. Then follow the following steps.

1 . Make as many copies of < core_user_###.dat > as accounts you have.

2 . Copy the name/s of your existing file/s (you might like to paste them into TextEdit to keep hold of them)

3 . Delete the sub-account < core_user_###.dat > files one by one, as you do this, rename the copied < core_user_###.dat > file/s with the name/s of the files that you are deleting.


I’ll add that if you want to sync characters, then you need to not copy them, but link them.
Personally I copied the one I like, put it in the parent folder ; then created link for each account. NOW you can both copy account data AND character data. Be wary that copying character data will also sync your route, your active overview, etc.

Would linking result in a situation where I can change UI for one character and it automatically applies to all my characters? If so, sounds good, I should try that! :grin:

linking means that both files have a reference to the same inode (that is place on the drive, basically)

Remember that the files (and the settings) are cached on each client, so a modification on one client won’t impact the modification of another client that is already opened but on the clients that will be opened afterwards.

I stopped using this because having all my toons share the same route, overview, etc. was a bit … annoying ?

This will mirror all settings, then if you want them to update automajicly, just save the files in google drive and sync them all. (will need a client reboot to show new settings)

So pirate mouse, hal 9K and the macbook pro username are your greatest secrets? :slight_smile:

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Well the MacPro user name would possibly help people to track me down in RL, and the mouse is actually Dangermouse, one of my favourite cartoons as a kid. As far as Hal 9000 goes you’re close , but no cigar, sorry. It’s not Hal but it is from the 2001 series of films …

… because it’s about the taking part rather than the reward, a single ISK to the first person to get the computer name correct.


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