Simple Clone UI to all other characters Button

CCP needs to add a simple import/export feature for ALL settings. As it stands currently, you need to possess a level of technical skill with your PC. I browsed many pages and still didn’t find the correct answer for my system. This is my best effort to help you clone all your character settings.

  1. First pick a character as the default setup and get all the UI and setting tabs working the way you like them.

This is not only OS dependent, it depends on Steam or non Steam.
Windows non Steam Version
2. You will search for some DAT files within: c:\users\yourname\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE\c_games_eve_TQ_tranquility\settings_Default
The DAT files are prefixed with core_char and core_user, you should be able to do a wildcard file search to find them.
Windows Steam Version
2. You will also need to find the DAT files, however they are buried in layers under your Steam Library.
The default location of the Steam Library is; *C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps*
This gets a little different as they might be buried in;
Linux OS Steam Version
2. Linux doesn’t use drive letters so you will be looking for the hidden Steam Library off the Home Partition. You should be able to find them buried in the location of these using a simple file search on the core_user and core_char DAT files.

  1. Move (don’t delete) the whole folder containing the default settings. My folder was labeled settings_Default. You can place it on your desktop or in another system folder. The point is, we need EVE to make us a new clean settings folder.

  2. Jump back into EVE and open your default character game. Login only to the one character and quit the game.

  3. Now open both folders side by side. On one side we have the old settings and on the other side is the new default. Look for only the files that match and copy from the old to the new, overwriting the new files. There should be only one core_user file and one core_char file with roughly 10 numbers following it. This is the master files. Clone these core files using the other numbered names.

For example;
core_char_ 5171234567.DAT is the only one in the new default. In your old default you have 6 characters;
core_char_ 5171234567.DAT - Only this one will be used as the master file to be copied to the others.
core_char_ 5179876543.DAT
core_char_ 5171212121.DAT
core_char_ 5176767667.DAT
core_char_ 5171454544.DAT
core_char_ 5171299999.DAT

  1. core_user is the user settings and is handled the same way. If you have more than one you need to clone them otherwise the one core file needs to overwrite the new default.
  2. Finish up by moving any remaining files not duplicated into your new default folder.
  3. Play and inspect the game settings for all your characters.
  4. Remove the old default folder or keep it as a back up copy. It doesn’t take up much space and may come in handy.

As anyone can see this is still a lot of work. Players should never be expected to be their own IT support. As stated, this is too much for any novice player and could be simplified by a button in game.

You can create a batch file for copying a character’s data to other characters. Described here: -

As for import / export, is locating the folder and copying it really all that difficult?

No need for CCP to use valuable resources when the community already solved the problem

EANM works well for me

Found this too

@CowRocket_Void maybe you missed the part where I stated;

I feel this should be internal and not some external process. While you and I may trust open source code and third party tools, others will refrain from using it. It doesn’t take much work for them to add a simple button. Yet I do question their methods and work ethics, since the release of the Photon UI.

That batch file is very unique to your characters and not a generic script at all. The typical gamer who uses it ( as written ) will not have those same file numbers shown in your screenshot.

Well, I hope you are able to copy paste a few numbers. It’s the simplest method I’ve found so far.

It is a good example, I was just saying it to avoid a legal suit. LoL

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