Version 21.02 - General Feedback

can I have your stuff?

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The fact that they used the player base to do their job for free for a year doesn’t mean this UI is good. Eve is well known for being the most complex data driven game out there. A UI should serve the community that is drawn to this. That means more data in a more compact form that is easier to read. Photon does the opposite. Objectively it fails to the community. I would have thought you would understand this but maybe you have played the metagame so long you have forgotten.


Over the past few years the photon UI has brought more players to the forum for the first time than anything else I can remember. If CCP actually cared about new player retention then they would take note of this.


Objectively doesn’t mean the same thing as emotionally

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Photon is awful enough for me to unsub.

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@Dain_Tarkus I wrote up a quick “how to guide” on this here.

Check the link out, it is a lot quicker than manually doing it all in game. I still think it sucks they never implemented a simple button for this task. The only issue I ran into cloning my 9 characters with this method was all the contract area was set for John Rochard and it will bark at you. Otherwise that is just a one time only minor issue. All windows will be the same as the master character.

Fly safe o7

Edit: ok so they closed that topic and told me to move it… so I did. You can find it here now;

Simple Clone UI to all other characters Button

That proverbial straw just arrived, I’ve been bitching about forced UI changes for years now and this one is just too far. Lates.

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So why is it i cant select pi cargo or command centre cargo like i used to be able to ? Now i have to right click the ship and select Planetry commodities or command centre cargo holds
WTF ?? Am i missing something ?

I mean, making it look like a 2021-2023 game wouldn’t be bad, but that’d be a whole lot of different things than what we’ve got, which is a 2003 UI wearing a 2023 suit. They’d need to completely redesign a lot of elements.

For example, the module to the right of the capacitor:

  1. Don’t default to showing passive modules.

  2. Instead of making us open the cargo hold for repairs, just give us a set of buttons like the ones to the left of the fighter tubes—and one of those is a ‘Repair Heat Damage’ that opens up a drop-down to list only the modules that actually have heat damage and aren’t running.

  3. Default to an ‘Active Hardener Status’ button that lets you select On/Off/Overheat
    3a: Enable a CTRL-click on that button that expands it out to the right with drop-downs for each active hardener.

  4. Prop Mod: Activate/Deactivate/Overheat as a right-click dropdown or big red button right on the side of the throttle/speedometer.

  5. Native HOTAS and/or Controller support/mapping for these functions (because UI is not just the on-screen framework. It is the User Interface and includes how the software interfaces with the user.

  6. Multiple simultaneous overview panels so (for example) hostile player ships can be broken out into one display list (on the left side of the screen, again, just as an example) while warpable escape routes are listed on the right.

And that’s just off the top of my head.

I did switch to Photon months ago.

Where do i start ?

Why dont you listen ?

Why did you crash a perfectly good UI into a badly made touch screen one ?

We didnt like the Photon UI So you forced it on us
We didnt like the docking banner so you gave us a undocking banner as well
(and both the damn things makes sounds)

The new colors (green, blue and red) for the market & wallets Makes it harder to see stuff Old one back plz


Do not attack the ISD. It is, as he said, a bad idea.

ISD are volunteers, here to help the community by making sure signal is not drowned out by noise on the forums. They do not make the rules, they do not have any incentive to silence people saying ‘inconvenient’ things to or about CCP, and they generally don’t want criticism silenced.

You are, in effect, standing in court accusing an attorney from the Public Defender’s office of police brutality.


As a CSM, Brisc’s in direct contact with the devs. That means he’s basically a walking support ticket, because whoever gets the support ticket would also need to turn around and then talk to the UI devs. If Brisc can replicate the error, then he can tell them ‘here is how I replicated the error’. And that means he can expedite the error being fixed.


Oh my god, no. JFC, how do we kill this horrible, counterproductive, and frankly dangerous idea that an elected representative needs to be a slave to public opinion and not exercise their own judgment? It’s been 248 years since Burke explained in painfully clear terms why it’s wrong.


Nowhere when I signed up to run for CSM did it say I had to check my own opinions at the door.

No, it doesn’t objectively fail anything. It’s still a work in progress, even if it is live (we know this company launches stuff not done live all the time, they don’t always have the benefit of being able to get good testing outside a live environment). It does everything it needs to do right now, and many, many people have been using it with no issues for a long time now.

They haven’t touched anything with the HUD yet.

The UI does suck, something this poorly built or something this “unfinished” shouldnt be forced upon anyone
Somebody at ccp in a position to should re-evaluate this


Thanks for the fsction warfare update. New bf symbol is more distinguished. Also, I am disappointed to have scrolled through almost 300 posts of people complaining about the new ui.

photon ui? No whith my money.

And introduced a number of new issues at the same time, deliberately and against better knowledge and advice.

The only person here complaining is you that our feedback doesn’t meet your blissful, feel-good ignorance standards. :slight_smile: The rest of us are pointing out issues that have not been fixed for months or even years by now and that CCP keeps introducing new issues with every fix.

Excuse me, what the hell now? We have been testing this crap show for over a year now. CCP has almost as many Photon bugs to fix as Karkur has Little Things suggestions to work on to make EVE a better place. We have been testing Photon for free in the live environment, a job position that would apparently bankrupt CCP if it was done by paid professionals. On the other hand, better let’s not count on professionals selected by CCP because those have been woefully inadequate in the past…

Photon has been thoroughly tested and CCP has not fixed even 50% of the bug and glitches and issues pointed out in the various feedback topics before they shoved this onto players. They have not even managed to fix the “Histor” in the Char Window or the “Quit Gam” in the Close Client notification… Instead they waste time on stupid new UI elements that no one needs, that serve no rational purpose, that are buggy and distracting.

You are ridiculous when you say that Photon is among those trash features that could not be tested in the live environment. Worse for CCP, even though it was tested in this setting, it’s still worse than the old UI. There has only been one step in this patch that made it inch a tiny bit closer to the old UI’s better usability: The more compact Compact User List in the chats. Everywhere else, Bloatpact costs space, features and functionality.

Same as Arrendis, I switched to Photon months ago. That is how I kept finding ever more issues with it. Just because you are happy with mediocrity doesn’t mean that everyone else is or should be. CCP has shown that they can make the UI more compact than they initially insisted on doing. Now it’s time that they apply this new found enlightenment everywhere quickly and at the same time give back the same functionality that the old UI had. I want a Compact mode ship cargo with hangar view buttons and search bar in a window stack. The old UI had no problem giving me that massive functionality, for Photon it’s apparently impossible.


dear devs, is it possible to make a context menu in this game a little bit compact. please