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Most people, when you only spoke to one person? you have drawn your conclusion that everyone likes it from only one person approaching you about it, I have a 49-inch monitor wide screen you cannot get much wider than that + a secondary 4k and a tertiary 26 inch I don’t want to use my secondary monitors because the UI is filled with unnecessary blank spaces and I do not have the space for another 49-inch monitor, I would prefer to reduce my carbon footprint than enlarge it. Just buy a new monitor does not cut it, what would you suggest to the countless laptop user out there that simply cannot buy a new screen? advise them to buy a new laptop? there is nothing in the minimum requirements that says you should not use a standard laptop or a 19-inch screen because the game UI is to big and clunky is there?

I would like you to represent all the people on here that are having issues and make sure they get addressed also make it optional like the new map that everyone adopted along with with the red dot ccp listens eventually when it notices numbers dropping on the server.

Help CCP Reduce everyone’s carbon footprint by not just buying bigger screens just get workable UI like the old one.

Player numbers right now (00.00 Eve time) are down about 2000 on last Tuesday’s, all of a sudden. That’s over 10% down. I wonder why?

And that is despite some sad souls like myself still logged in later than we would like trying to get just a couple more characters’ UI layout into the least worst shape…

+1 to give us access to the old UI. This is crap. Unless you really want to get rid of your active users… then its good design :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(The purple color of -1.0 looks horrible, it blends with the background making it not stand out).

More with Photon… do you have any idea on how hard it is to reset and relocate windows everytime you change something? Now, do that with 6 clients… (used to be that I could share a profile with a bunch of accounts, but now I have to have one profile per account…

Its weird how changing to a new UI you would think makes things smaller and better… but no, all PI windows so far are taller than they used to be, and the planet list, which I already had on compact mode… now it needs to be also taller. Also, I feel confused when doing my PI restarts… I used to be able to see the planet I was working kinda highlighted… but NOT ANYMORE… I now need to recheck that I am working on the correct planet. Not only that, that planet list… I just adjusted the size… cause it needs to be bigger, but then I have to readjust on every character!!! (I mentioned earlier 6 clients… thinking that maybe I was exagerating the problem, but no, it really is worse, is not 6 clients… is more than 16 characters that I will need to do window resizing/relocation on all of them, way to go CCP :frowning:


I have spoken to dozens today. I’ve had two complaints directly to me, seen plenty of others, but on whole, the vast majority of people I have talked to have not been upset about the changes.

There is no reason you (thanks for noting the multi-monitor set up by the way) should have any trouble with screen space.

It’s not getting rolled back or toggled, so I won’t waste anybody’s time on that. I will push them to keep fixing things.

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Photon literally hurts my eyes and gives me a headache.

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You see you still not understanding it not about me you or anyone else. it’s a flawed UI I can no longer play it while travelling because there just isn’t enough space on the screen unless I want to open one box, look at it close it, and then open the next box I need to look at then close it. I am making a complaint like a lot of people up above me that not feasible to carry an extra monitor while your travelling abroad on business trips. are you not digesting the information on this forum? people will not buy bigger monitors or big-screen laptops to play the game, they will simply not play the game. I just cannot understand why after so much feedback on the dev blogs this was pushed out to everyone.

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I am literally sitting in a hotel room, and I was playing EVE on my little 13 inch macbook air earlier, with photon on. It’s doable.

Really, and care to share what you were doing at the time? as there many aspects of eve and you couclnt have been doing them all

I sent an EVE mail, and then I was docking and undocking over and over testing complaints I was reading about the UI. I have dropped in a dread from this same computer.

I see, it would be easy to make assumptions from the limited information on specifics you have detailed or lack of information so therefore I expect you may have done a few emails undocked, done dread bomb, however if you was into markets or scanning you would see how flawed the UI really is. I understand your trying to replicate faults but that is ccp job , so I would like you to take on my complaint and others up above and try and resolve all the stuff that is flawed. Remember as CSM you are supposed to represent the little people like me and the people above me and stay neutral not having your own opinions on this
it also should not cloud your judgement.

I grow tired of trying to impress on you, that’s not all about you and what you can do it’s about the people you represent.


can I have your stuff?

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The fact that they used the player base to do their job for free for a year doesn’t mean this UI is good. Eve is well known for being the most complex data driven game out there. A UI should serve the community that is drawn to this. That means more data in a more compact form that is easier to read. Photon does the opposite. Objectively it fails to the community. I would have thought you would understand this but maybe you have played the metagame so long you have forgotten.


Over the past few years the photon UI has brought more players to the forum for the first time than anything else I can remember. If CCP actually cared about new player retention then they would take note of this.


Objectively doesn’t mean the same thing as emotionally

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Photon is awful enough for me to unsub.

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@Dain_Tarkus I wrote up a quick “how to guide” on this here.

Check the link out, it is a lot quicker than manually doing it all in game. I still think it sucks they never implemented a simple button for this task. The only issue I ran into cloning my 9 characters with this method was all the contract area was set for John Rochard and it will bark at you. Otherwise that is just a one time only minor issue. All windows will be the same as the master character.

Fly safe o7

Edit: ok so they closed that topic and told me to move it… so I did. You can find it here now;

Simple Clone UI to all other characters Button

That proverbial straw just arrived, I’ve been bitching about forced UI changes for years now and this one is just too far. Lates.

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So why is it i cant select pi cargo or command centre cargo like i used to be able to ? Now i have to right click the ship and select Planetry commodities or command centre cargo holds
WTF ?? Am i missing something ?

I mean, making it look like a 2021-2023 game wouldn’t be bad, but that’d be a whole lot of different things than what we’ve got, which is a 2003 UI wearing a 2023 suit. They’d need to completely redesign a lot of elements.

For example, the module to the right of the capacitor:

  1. Don’t default to showing passive modules.

  2. Instead of making us open the cargo hold for repairs, just give us a set of buttons like the ones to the left of the fighter tubes—and one of those is a ‘Repair Heat Damage’ that opens up a drop-down to list only the modules that actually have heat damage and aren’t running.

  3. Default to an ‘Active Hardener Status’ button that lets you select On/Off/Overheat
    3a: Enable a CTRL-click on that button that expands it out to the right with drop-downs for each active hardener.

  4. Prop Mod: Activate/Deactivate/Overheat as a right-click dropdown or big red button right on the side of the throttle/speedometer.

  5. Native HOTAS and/or Controller support/mapping for these functions (because UI is not just the on-screen framework. It is the User Interface and includes how the software interfaces with the user.

  6. Multiple simultaneous overview panels so (for example) hostile player ships can be broken out into one display list (on the left side of the screen, again, just as an example) while warpable escape routes are listed on the right.

And that’s just off the top of my head.