Version 21.02 - General Feedback

How do I opt out of photon ui?

I also used a car analogy a couple of days ago in another thread. The DeLorean in the 1980s looked a lot more modern than did a Ford Escort in the 1980s. Ah, cutting edge stuff! Looks fantastic!!

But guess which one has a sporting chance of still working now. Indeed, guess which one had a sporting chance of actually working in the 1980s and performing the actual required function of a car, getting from A to B.

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There is a trick to customer services and it’s to separate yourself from the company. If I come to customer services with a torn shirt and want my money back, maybe I’m overheated because it was for my wedding, the absolute worst thing the rep can do is to take it personally.
When you do that you take the focus away from the actual problem, a torn shirt caused by a company’s quality control issues, and put all the focus on the rep’s feelings instead. Then all you got is a customer feeling even more angry and frustrated and nothing ever gets fixed.

This is the same blank space issue we had with the skills window, as it was then it’s fairly obvious that this is an issue with not testing on multiple sized monitors before release, and then not understanding customer complaints in testing because it looks fine on their monitor.


You can’t , but you can DM Brisc Rubal.

He’s handing out free monitors and beer at a bar he just opened.

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you don’t,you cannot…it’s obligatory…ccp forces you to use it…end of story :slight_smile:

for what it’s worth, this is my (compact) Photon UI undocked, single monitor 27" (not a 4K…), it’s almost exactly the same as with the old UI - admittedly after some extra work. The only thing I haven’t tried is multiple overviews, because I do lack the space for that on the screen - but I can live without it.

In case I made blunders with my setup, please advise :smiley:

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You still only get 1/3 of the contacts than with the old overview because of a borderline format…

This thing is bad in so many ways AND it causes eye cancer…

You guys dont really want feedback, you just ban and erase anything that doesnt say what you want it to say.


Thank you, proved to me that you can move the notification button, which I had tried to do before because it was blocking the new location for Loot All, but I clearly gave up too easily when it refused the fence. Have now finally forced the little beggar into a new spot…

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It should be noted that for WH you need to bring the locations window out so you can see the rest of the information, expiry is a pretty important one. Also you lack a * btw stick one on the structure or place you will emergency warp to and it will go to the top of your bookmarks

You guys are really already beginning to workaround this crappy ui instead of simply denying to use it and forcing ccp to put it into the trashbin where it belongs?


It’s not like it would make a difference if they did. CCP clearly are not listening to the players. Let’s hope that CCP doesn’t burn all the good faith that it has like Wizards of the Coast has with D&D. Again very different circumstances, but same principle.

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I’m here on behalf of my scanner team, I’m not going to tell them to dock up because I dislike the UI, but I can come on here and whine about/highlight specific issues, like the recall probe button being for ants in the vague hope that someone will listen and put it in the big blank space on the bottom of the scanner window.

Ideally with the old UI in place as CCP look at the screenshots people are making and go “yeh wow that is a lot of wasted blank space”


The answer is simple…let jita burn…worked with monoclegate,will work here…

All you need is all players united against the madness…

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Right, I haven’t in this system, no, in other systems I do (with “!” or “*” or “.” etc) if needed, and use a bread crumb system when I map wh chains (with the exits towards origin marked with “!”). Iirc I picked that up from one of Ashy’s videos and modified it a bit further for my needs. A typical wh bm would look like “! -3 XYZ (Jnumber)(class) (size) (EOL)”, with “-3” being the third layer in the chain iow number of jumps to my origin. Something like +4 would mean it would take me one extra jump away from point of origin when I’m in “layer” #3, etc etc.

Yeah, hold a few seconds, then drag.

I really wish @ccp_karkur would redo her magic of 2012 and create a fast YT video on tips and tricks with Photon UI. That old video of hers, that she made in her spare time, did miracles for my enjoyment of the (old) UI and game experience, and I guess for a lot of other pilots too. (this one , now outdated for a good part)

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I’m a boring so and so about bookmarking. When you make a bookmark what you put in notes appears in hover over, so going nul to K space I would breadcrumb with * and add “to jita” one way and then “to 1DQ” on the way back.

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I have just 1 monitor… and it’s not huge nor is it 4k…

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Just don’t log in for a few days, Let them see their mistakes in the player count.

So I’m running a 2070, which has been fine - even with mulltiboxing using Eve O preview - today, since this update, my computer overheats even using just one client on graphic settings from the dark ages!

Well done CCP - you’ve finally made the game unplayable for anyone without a brand new PC/GPU.

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Ok…so the workaraound seems to be to revert to Direct-X 11.