Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Separate overview column customization per overview tab.
Keywords: ui, overview, column
Note: Allow us set on a per overview tab basis the columns displayed as well as the order of the information displayed.
So for PVP vs. industry vs. travel the relevant info can be displayed

Suggestion: Ungroup tether ambience from ships in space at a player built structure and only have local ship tether playing
Keywords: audio, tether, advanced audio
Note: Remove tether sound layering from all structures. The ambient layering of the tethering a whole fleet of ships if ambience is enabled at a normal level will stack the tethering sound of the fleet and cause discomfort.

Use the windows command prompt “copy” command.

Have a “master” toon and set the batch up to replace all the other toons.

No, it works other way. You need to replace content of some files, and every each of them has its own unique name referred to your character id.

Suggestion: Remotely accept ordinary agent missions, finally
Keywords: Missions, agents
Note: I’m sure that back in 2011 just flying back and forth between gates was mind-blowingly exciting, but 10 years later the player base has grown a lot more jaded to the point where forgetting to accept the mission before going to the target system and having to go back is a lot less fun than it used to be.

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Did I make a typo?

Suggestion: A unique color blink for chat tabs when one’s character is mentioned.
Keywords: Chat, UI
Note: Currently, chat tabs will blink whenever someone says something, and there is a toggle switch to turn the blinking effect on or off. It would be nice if the tab would blink with a unique color (like green, purple, or blue) when one’s character’s name is dragged into the chat, to indicate someone is directly addressing that specific character’s player.


Depends, what you call “typo”. I use mklink instead. Made symlinks to the main profile and sleep well knowing that not only all settings are equal, but also all changes are propagated automatically. Just rmember to not make conflicting changes in different windows.

Suggestion: Ability to sell and make contracts from within containers in stations and structures
Keywords: market, contract, stations
Note: This avoids mixing stock I intend to sell with stock that is rolling in from buy orders.

Suggestion: Ability to direct all buy orders at a station or structure to deposit in a specified station container (provided space available), with a fallback of the main item hangar.
Keywords: buy orders, stations, containers
Note: Contributes to keeping incoming and outgoing stock separate.

Perhaps a whole suggestion thread around market order overhaul is in order if you have several changes for that area you think would improve the game?

Suggestion: Save default ‘orbit’ and ‘keep distance’ distances on a ship-by-ship basis rather than client-by-client.
Keywords: navigation, settings
Note: Since when would I need a different setting because I’m using my laptop rather than my desktop, while flying the same ship? By contrast, if I move from my battlecruiser to my destroyer, I definitely need to change those numbers.

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In terms of minor QoL things, I have only a couple of suggestions on markets, and one on navigation. (See above.) I guess if there was a markets thread I could contribute to that, but I found this thread and thought I’d put up the small number of niggles I have had over the past few weeks.

While there is a market section on the forums, just using the Player feature and Ideas section here, would be more beneficial.

Bookmarking a wormhole from the probe scanner creates a bookmark for the wormhole’s actual position.

Current state results in a bookmark outside of jump range, requiring probers to warp to the result each time and bookmark via overview or in-space-right-click to make a PVP-useful warp in.

I more meant it with the same energy as “did I ■■■■■■■ stutter?” because the copy command is perfectly capable of doing what he wants.

It sounds like the utility you have is capable of making changes both ways, I assume it just looks at file modified date and copies the most recent to all others.

You can set the batch to run periodically if you really want, but honestly I only found it useful when creating a new resolution profile.

Suggestion: An indicator for the structural integrity of cargo containers drifting in space.
Note: There’s currently no way to see how long a cargo container has before it degrades. I noticed the containers have lights on them, which could be used as a rough indicator. As the container degrades, the lights could go out, or change colors. I’m okay with randomized timing on the cargo containers (50 minutes for one, 45 for another, 65 for another, etc.), but it’d be nice to have some idea of how long a container has before it falls apart.


@Von_DeMoreno most likely if you right click on the container, it should tell you… I just checked a mobile depot, it gives you its life time under attributes.

mobile depot’s are 30 days, the one i’m looking at:
Remaining Lifetime: 20d 10h 26m 17s remaining

just checked a secured container thats anchored with a password.

expiration of said container, 14 days. So what you want is in game, just have to right click each individual cargo container to see what you want to see.

For jettisoned containers from cargo, there is no such indicator.

Suggestion: Make it possible to set event reminders in the calendar.
Keywords: Calendar
Note: While the function to set events on the calendar is handy and I’m grateful for the notification that pops up when the event starts, it’d be nice to be able to set a reminder in advance of events so people can start forming up.