[February] Little things in the February release

Hi all,

Next time we update Singularity, we’ll have a number of new little things/quality of life changes. If you are interested, we’d like you to help us test them and provide any feedback you have.

Many, if not all, of those changes listed here were suggested and requested by you guys, in our little things thread and various other channels. This time around, a lot of the changes were highlighted at EVE Vegas, at roundtables and in our conversations with those of you who were there.

Please feel free to head over to that thread to suggest your own little things idea, but if you have comments on the changes introduced here, please post them here .

  • A "Find in Personal Assets" option has been added to the right click menu for items.
  • The keyword "typeExact" has been added as an option in Personal Assets > Search tab.
  • A filter field has been added to the "Show Contents" window.
  • An estimated price and item count has been added to the Cargo scan window.
  • We have added the ability to drag and drop items and characters to a lot of filter and search fields (such as in the Guest tab, corporation applications, contact list, fitting window, blueprint browser, etc).
  • A job summary, giving an overview of the number of active Manufacturing, Science and Reaction jobs has been added to the industry window.
  • The ability to Copy/Paste from the "Jobs" tab in the Industry window has been added.
  • A yellow warning marker (!) has been added in front of those options that player might want to use with a bit of caution.
  • A Health readout has been added to the tooltip for your drones.
  • The Assist and Guard menus for drones will now only list the pilots on your grid, since the drones cannot be assigned to those off-grid.
  • The "Mine Repeatedly" function for drones is now simply called "Mine".
  • We have added 2 bigger fonts sizes to choose from for the Context Menu (set in ESC>General Settings).
  • When you fail to set a shortcut because the keys are in use, you are now offered to rebind the shortcut.
  • Inventory item filters and broadcast settings can now be shared in similar way as the Overview profiles, where they are dragged to text field to create a link to them.
  • Link colors have been changed and underline added in most places to make it easier to see what is a link and what kind of link it is.
  • The “Ship to” page when creating Courier contracts now lists the total volume of the package and how much ISK/m3 you are paying
  • Standard (non-covert) Cynosural Fields have been moved to their own group, which allows players to select them separately from other beacons in their overview filters. This is the second phase of the change we initially announced in December. You can update your saved overviews on TQ now to prepare for this change by selecting the celestial group called “Future Home of Cyno Fields” for any saved overviews that you wish to include cyno fields.

Additionally, many of you may notice that the Neocom has received an update in this patch. This change is separate from our little things work and any feedback on the Neocom changes should be left in the relevant thread.

Again, if you have new suggestions, please post them in the little things thread so we can keep this thread on topic.

Happy testing and thanks for all your suggestions!


This is a pretty cool change – it jives with how most shipping services in nullsec work.

Of course, I’ve been given an inch, so I’ll ask for a mile: could we have this in reverse? The user inputs an isk/m^3 value in a completely client-side field, and it populates the total reward with the appropriate amount.

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Has the performance impact of this range checking been tested in realistic fleet scenarios?

Much love for the little things - as always, don’t stop here!

As far as I know, it has not been tested specifically for that, but it’s not checking anything with ranges, just if someone is on your grid or not. Even if it was range checking, it would all be client-side and not expensive.

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I really really dont like the underlined character names in the chat. :confused:

Not that its need but it would be a nice QOL. A compress button while a rorqual core is online. For both ore and fleet hangar.

Find in assets does not work when clicking on items in the fitting window. As that was the first use case that came to mind in how to use this feature. How hard would it be to add?

Any word on why the ‘Transfer to Nearby Structure’ disappeared when Right-Clicking on cargo? (Keep forgetting that I have to click the structure now to open it. Plus it was nice that the Cargo I had selected automatically got put into the pop-up window for Cargo Deposit)

And also why we can’t refit Modules to empty slots from the Fleet Hanger while in space (You can unfit a mod to the fleet hanger but have to open the fitting window, instead of dragging to the empty slots on the hud, to refit mods from the fleet hanger).

Not hard, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback. We wanted to see how it played out to have links with an underline, but having it on character names in chat is probably a bit to excessive, and we are looking into it.

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We took the decision to remove this option for UI and code clarity.

Both of these suggestions belong in the little things thread! :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you bring back the nicely colored neocom buttons? If not shame on you!

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I think you’re looking for this thread friend :slight_smile:

In a similar vein, could a tooltip be added too to show the damage those unfitted, used (mining or otherwise) crystals in the hangar or cargohold have accumulated?

(And yes, I asked about it some time ago in the little things thread :wink:)

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Already did last week :wink:

As always, Thank you so much for the work you’re doing here. The QoL changes are great.

I look forward to not having to hunt down shortcuts to clear them and rebind.
Font size wise is this to help with 90% scale resolution and will this impact changes to the chat tabs, icon sizing etc?

No, this is just the right click menu. We already have the option to change its font size, and this is just adding 2 more font sizes to that list. It could help with menus on 90% scaling and 4k monitors.

alright, was just curious. I hope at some point icon scaling can be adjusted for 90% scaling, right now scaling of the icons doesn’t appear to be 100% clear and some more scaling options for tab font sizing/icon scaling would be awesome for those who use it.

We really need to fix the Jump menu for capitals. Fact non-blue cyno beacons show up is one thing but to have a basic narrow funnel to select friend/non-friendly cynos is milk next to the poison UX. It’s very easy to accidentally select the wrong cyno and jump an expensive toy into a beacon that has campers waiting.

Fitts & Hicks Law suggests that style fo menus is not optimal