Little things in Uprising expansion

Hi all,

In the last Singularity update, we have quite a few new little things/quality of life changes. If you are interested, we’d love your help testing them and hear any feedback you have. :slight_smile:

All of those changes listed here were suggested and requested by you guys, in our little things thread and various other channels.

Please feel free to head over to that thread to suggest your own little things idea, but if you have comments on the changes introduced here for the Uprising expansion, please post them here.

So the changes are the following:

  • When jump cloning, you will automatically leave your current ship, wait out the session timer and jump
  • Jump clone locations have been added to the map
  • Alliance fittings added, managed by the fitting managers in the executor corp (placeholder icons for now)
  • The number of maximum saved personal and corp fittings has been doubled
  • Mobile depot, tractor units and warp disruptors can now been included in saved fittings
  • It’s now possible to delete many fittings at a time
  • Drones are now removed from ship when doing “Strip fitting”
  • It’s now possible to repackage many ships, even though they have rigs
  • Shortcut added for the Manage Autopilot Route
  • “Collapse All Group” button has been added to the Corp assets list
  • If more than 1 module is damaged, it’s now possible to repair them all at once through a right click menu
  • When reloading charges through the right click menu, charges you lack skills to use are not included
  • The active ship is now at the top of the Repair window to make it easier to find
  • The preselected items are now at the top of the list in the Create contract window
  • In the search in the contracts, you can now see how many contracts are filtered out
  • “Release Control” has been added as a primary option in the Radial Menu for structures you are controlling
  • Security status has been added to Personal and Corp assets lists
  • When opening a wreck, the focus is now on the “Loot All” button, making it possible to just hit Enter to loot all
  • The minimum tick distance in the D-scan slider has been increased to 0.1AU
  • The number of fleet members in watchlist has been increased to 100
  • When opening the Help Pointers window, the focus is now in the search bar
  • The help pointer names for the Station Services have been updated
  • The following help pointers have been added as requested by players:
    • Apply skill points
    • Buy All button in Fitting window
    • Skins tab in Charactersheet
    • Combat Logs in Charactersheet
    • Corp Assets
    • Create Channel button
    • Expert Systems tab in Charactersheet
    • Home tab in Charactersheet
    • Blueprints tab in Industry window
    • Kill Rights tab in Charactersheet
    • Resume/Pause training
    • Security Status tab in Charactersheet
    • Set Full Speed in HUD
    • Show Kills/Losses combo in Charactersheet
    • System Name in info panel
    • System Security in info panel
    • Agents tab in Station Service
    • Hangars in Station Services
    • Offices in Station Services
    • Sensor Overlay setting

Edit: a few more things added

  • The Clone tab in the Charactersheet now shows how valuable your clones and implants are
  • It’s now possible to set fontsize in one chat window and have it apply to all the windows
  • A shortcut has been added to Regroup in fleet
  • When deleting a bookmark, you will now see the name of a bookmark in the confirmation window

Again, if you have new suggestions, please post them in the little things thread (in the correct format) so we can keep this thread on topic.

Happy testing and thanks for all your suggestions!


As always, much appreciation for the continued development of these small things, all of which together add up to a large group of things.

@CCP_karkur and the team you work with, thank you.


Oh my god! So many good things here. I even spot some of my suggestions. Please do more of this. These little things make the gameplay experience so much better. Absolutely wonderful! :heart:


Finally! +1000


100 PPL WL? Logi says thank you! <3
This list is pure GOLD and makes me happier than some of the “big” patches"

Team Karkur is love, Team Karkur is life

(Maybe make WL multiple columns if it is wide enough?)


YES is all I’m going to say.

So many awesome changes in there (watchlist, fittings number, clone jumping timer, repackaging). Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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42 points not counting the nested header for second ordered list.

Now THIS is the biggest update ever.


At least $0.99 worth a month … oh wait

Why not integrate watchlist into the fleet window so it is a single window management? With the Mobile UI aka Photon, it is hard enough to use without effectively turning it all off why on earth would you add more information overload to the game?

Good update. 1 thing I would highly recommend is more clones per toon.
I have many sets of implants but not enough clone slots. PLEASE FIX @CCP_karkur

@CCP_karkur If I remember correctly, you were the one that increased the maximum number and gave us colour code options back in 2016, and now you give us this - thank you so much. As someone who leads incursion fleets, this is going to be incredibly useful.

I have a few other QoL requests which I will post in your other thread, but one thing I will mention here just in case you have time to sneak it in for this release window. Chat windows set to dark mode reset to light every time a new chat window is open, I spend so much time every day resetting this back to dark - if you could make the setting persist I’d be thrilled.

Thanks again for all your hard work :heart:


Honestly this is the best patch CCP have released in a long time - These sort of QoL changes should be done regularly on community feedback - This has actually made me more excited about eve. This is the sort of sh*t that actually makes a difference in game for most people and I’m so glad to see all of this being implemented <3

100% approved, this is the kind of good stuff that is occasionally needed.

Very good stuff… Many thanks!!!
Will try to provide feedback from SiSi.

Comparing Wagyu A5 to ground 75/25 in Hamburger Helper.

This would not even count as a weekly patch in times gone past.

OMG. I love whoever is behind this


Love these changes, thank you! One suggestion that would be an awesome QoL change would be the compression window (my fingers are killing me). It would be awesome if you guys could figure out how to solve this.

These changes are positive, impactful, and very welcome. Thank you.

That’s a huge change, thanks!