Little things in Uprising expansion

learn to take a win lmao

You know, last year I went back and looked at some of the earliest ‘Little Things’ posts by Karkur. You would be amazed at how many things we now take for granted and consider necessary that only exist because of the Little Things, CCP Karkur, and her team.

They may seem like little things, but they change our game in big, meaningful, and appreciated ways.



The 100 WL is quite possibly not little according to previous dev comments, about the additional network traffic the watchlist generates. What hamster or kitten was sacrificed, to enable this significant increase?

Also, I like it. Please don’t stop :slight_smile:

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Keep in mind that all is subject to change, testing is still ongoing. Perhaps it turns out we need to lower the watchlist limit a bit, but it will at least be higher than before :slightly_smiling_face:



Good for regular players, is it going to have an impact on botting?

Excellent! Though 100 is probably excessive, 15 is definitely too small.

Some great little changes. Hopefully they’ll be implemented without breaking other things! :slight_smile:

Thank you to you and your team, some of these changes are fantastic.


I know right? Think of how many newbros we could have saved. Broadcasting is so hard for them.

“Little” things? Understatement of the year!

What exactly does this change?

Wait, when I was on sisi today, I could not view the inside of the upwell structure


If we talk about watchlist…
Can we get capacitor lvl as another bar?
That would be very useful for all logi bros.


Why not integrate watchlist into the fleet window so it is a single window management? With the Mobile UI aka Photon, it is hard enough to use without effectively turning it all off why on earth would you add more information overload to the game?

Watch list and fleet window need to be seperate.


This will improve the mood around the game quite a lot. There are some really great changes here. Thank you!

i gotta say, i give CCP much guff about radio silence, and stuff that crushes playnumbers…

but honestly, these changese here are a very good start, some QoL changes are much needed and will have an impact, i can guarantee from personal experience
the 100PPL for watchlist alone is a huge bonus to biger fleet fights, as well as allience fittings

shapo to you, CCP, you just made it a little >More< worth paying money to play eve, instead of the other way around

Sounds awesome, Karkur. Quality of life changes are always welcome :slight_smile:

Holy moley, that’s a great big list to drop on someone having a rotten day. Appreciate the heads-up, and every single one of the QoL tweaks! The WL size increase is a boon to anybody flying Logi for sure!

If only every team at CCP was as good as The Little Things and Art Teams

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This is a fantastic change.
Unfortunate it leaves out 155 other fleet members that are too bad to broadcast in time.

It is likely to take 30-60 minutes to register a watch list of 100 people.
Also, it would be even more miserable in case of connect loss.

As for my request.
Please allow importing & exporting of watchlists just like Ship fit.
In addition, the color of the watch list is desired to be selectable with the tag command.