[September]Little things in September release

Hi all,

Next time we update Singularity, we’ll have a number of new little things/quality of life changes that we’d like your help with testing and feedback.
Many of those changes were suggested and requested by you guys, in our “little things” thread and various other channels.
Please feel free to head over to that thread to suggest your own little things idea, but if you have comments on the changes introduced here, please post them here


  • Modules in cargo are now included when a fit is saved. Please note that if you add too many items to the fit, it could be truncated when sharing it with a link.
  • You will now be able to update fits. If you try to save a fit with existing fitting name (for the same ship type), you get the option to either update the fit or cancel.
  • A ‘last saved’ timestamp has been added in the tooltip for the fit in the fitting window
  • Fitted ships in contracts can now be simulated
  • If you fail to fit all items when fitting from the Fitting Management window or a standalone fit window, you are now offered to open Multibuy for the items.
  • If you save or share a fit while having drones launched, the fit will now include those drones


  • The market ticker will now displays the info for items in a folder you have specified as as a ticker folder in your Market Quickbar
  • View Market Details has been added to the simulated cargo items as well as drone and fighter bay items.
  • Multibuy has been added to the Neocom menu (under Business) and shortcut for it has also been added


  • You can now activate multiple skin licenses at a time
  • Skins are now grouped by name in the Character sheet (rather than material), which will reduce the number of groups
  • Ships listed under each skin in the Character sheet now have a magnifying glass so you can easily preview the skins and access the buttons to acquire them
  • Text that summarizes how many Skins you have has been added to the top of the Skin panel in the Character sheet
  • The skin tab in the info window for a ship will now show a check mark for the skins you own and list them first, followed by the rest of the skins.
  • The skin tab in the info window for a ship will has been flattened out, rather than each skin being in its own collapsible group


  • “Estimated Price” column has been added to the Compare tool
  • “Dock/Jump/Activate Gate” hotkey now works on wormholes
  • The message telling you are not in fleet when you activate a fleet shortcut is no longer modal and should be less disruptive now
  • The tooltip on skills in the Character sheet now includes how many skillpoints you will train per minute for that skill, given your current attributes
  • A shortcut has been added to allow for collapsing all the windows. It can be found under Esc> Windows> Toggle collapse all windows. This is the functionality that used to be bound to the Tab key.
  • Ctrl+Tab now cycles through the windows in the order of Most recently active to Least recently active, instead of ordering the window by when they were opened.
  • The entries in Tab Presets > Tab Types in the Overview settings now show the brackets for the groups (if possible) to help with identification
  • The systems in the Sovereignty tab in the info window for Constellation are now alphabetically sorted
  • Structure type, Services and Low Power filters have been added to the My Structures tab in the Structure Browser

Again, if you have new suggestions, please post them in the little things thread so we can keep this thread on topic.

Happy testing and thanks for all your suggestions!

Known Issues (updated 8/31 at 11:36):

  • Saving a fit will throw an error and not close the fitting window (but the fit is saved)
  • Updating a fit should work but it might not be reflected properly in the client because of the bug above
  • In some cases you might be told 0 drones are missing and offered to buy them

OMG you did it again :smiley:

Once the launcher let’s me log on SiSi, I will try everything but I can already say, I love it!!

Edit 1:

  • The market window won’t open for me (EBR-159074)
  • I don’t get an error message but as you said I cannot save any fit

Edit 2:

I need to change my underwear because I saw the new Osprey model with that super sexy animation - damn that was worth the wait!!!

Edit 3:

  • Exporting fittings locks client in an unusable state until you restart it by force (EBR-159081)
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I would keep my sub active even if the only changes we ever got were the “little things” you give us. Maybe even just for the wormhole hotkey… :wink:

Thank you!

These are good fixes, and good work.

Well done!

" * The market ticker will now displays the info for the items you have in your Market Quickbar rather than a set of default items"

Would this be items I place in a user created folder or only item not it a user created folder?


thanks… we’ll get that fixed… why in the world do you have Deep Space Scanner Probe I (a deleted type) in your Sisi quickbar???

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Oh I have no idea. I believe that comes from right-clicking and getting the wrong row, so instead of what I was looking for it ended up in the quick-bar.

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This applies to any item in the quickbar, whether they are in folders or not (edit: there is a possibility that might change and only be from the root or a specific folder)

Another edit: we have decided to change it so you specify a folder as the “market ticker folder” and you can put stuff in there you want to keep an eye on.


On hoboleaks I saw language in changed sisi files indicating that character sales may potentially be moving in-game as opposed to being on the forums. Can you elaborate a bit on what your plans are for this?

On hoboleaks I saw language in changed sisi files indicating that character sales may potentially be moving in-game as opposed to being on the forums. Can you elaborate a bit on what your plans are for this?

That is for the Chinese version of EVE

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Why do you think that its only for the chinese version?

@CCP_karkur I would LOVE to come and test out all the new features on Sisi. But I am one among many who cannot log into Sisi b/c of issues with 2FA.

I don’t supposed one of the “little things” you guys could work on, would be to either fix 2FA properly on Sisi, or disable it entirely? I’m really not worried about someone hacking into Sisi and stealing all my Test Server assets. Since 2FA is keeping my TQ assets safe. =)

the update killed the solar system map, well the map maybe works but you cant open if from the d-scan/probe window anymore the buttons are dead

bug ID EBR-159088

I love all of this.

Thanks for your ongoing work to make EVE a better place! And also fixing the problem related to deleted items. Old-timers (by definition!) could have any number of old items in the quickbar. I keep several pre tier-a-cide memories. I’ll bet one of the most common would be the “old PLEX” item.

Same idea, different place: I’m sad that I can no longer share links to ancient saved fits shared by GM’s (for lol’s) in years past, like the “Polaris Legatus Frigate” or “CONCORD SWAT Battleship”. These were moved to the “unsupported” category.


These “little things” are tiny happy bombs. One after another… TY!

Any word on removing the shitty Agency horse hockey? Nobody likes it, nobody enjoys it. It’s cancerous.

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It would be wonderful to be able to have a selected folder for ticker items. Then we could maintain other folders without ticker being overwhelmed.

Is there any control of ticker speed in the event we have “too many” items?


Those are really nice changes :slight_smile: Especially those with fitting. Great job :slight_smile: