[September] Fitting Warnings and other QoL changes

Greetings Tenacious Testers!

The EVE Dev team have been working on a package of tweaks, fixes and improvements for the September release, which have reached the our public test server Singularity in today’s update.

These changes (with a couple of exceptions) are primarily focused on improving the experience for pilots in their first few hours and days in New Eden, but of course many of these will be generally useful for pilots of all ages and experience levels. At this time this list is incomplete, and more changes will likely be added over the coming weeks.

If nothing significant turns up during the testing period these changes will be released in the September patch. As always, if you wish to help, head on over to Singularity and get involved!



  • Ships will now automatically enter warp after three minutes of attempting to align and reach the required speed.
    • This will now put a maximum cap on how long a ship can be bumped or stuck on geometry.
    • We’ve discussed this change in the past but its implementation hit some technical roadblocks which have now been resolved.
    • Update: The warp text shown above your Ship HUD will now be different in the pre-warp preparing stage and in the actual warp stage
    • Update: We’ve added a bar above the pre-warp text that represents your ship’s progress towards achieving warp. This bar progress is derived from your velocity, alignment and time to auto-warp, and should hopefully be quite intuitive!


  • We’ve added a series of warnings to the fitting window, to help new and old players improve their fitting skills and avoid some more common pitfalls. More info and feedback in the Fitting Warnings thread.
  • The larger simulation button has been restored to the fitting window.

Ships and Modules:

  • Data and Relic analyzers being made non-repeatable (As only a single cycle is ever required at a time).
  • A new “Shield & Armor” characteristic has been added to various ships that can be optimally fitted with either a shield or armor tank.
  • All FoF missiles now have a Maximum FoF targeting range which they will correctly enforce when choosing a target.

User Interface:

  • The settled system tab for NPC corporations has been improved to more clearly show their nearest station.
  • Attempting to repackage a container now gives a special warning message.
  • Added a Buy all option in the Kill report window.
  • Added Skills on Demand in tooltips on items and in the fitting window.


  • The Tutorial page in the agency has been completely updated.
    • It now has a clearer design to help users track their status.
    • The Replay button for active or completed tutorial steps has been removed.
    • The rewards players are receiving from the tutorial should now be better displayed.
  • Removed duplicate operation entries in the notification settings.
  • Updated the Info Panel for the Tutorial and Missions to make the buttons clearer.

Known Issues:

  • The info panel contains unnecessary empty space.
  • Button design in the info panel may be subject to change.

Thanks and happy testing!

CCP Lebowski for the EVE Dev Team


Finally. We’ll stop seeing all these carebears crying about this. Thanks for the change, CCP.


\0/ risk free fof ratting is dead.


lol great changes


rip code

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rip wormhole botting, was time to get rid of instafarming c6 sites at 500 km without getting attacked by rats

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so now HS will be full of freighters going autopilot because ■■■■ balance…i mean, they can still die, but stop forcing people into multiple accounts for some things. That doesnt help counter the playerdrop.

Go cry someplace else. No one is forcing you into doing anything.

And shoo off with your “this doesn’t help counter the playerdrop.” People need to stop using this as a reason against change.


i dont have anything against changes. But getting a automated warp after 3 minutes is just stupid. The player has not do to anything besides to wait. He doenst have to be on his PC, or even in the same room. Sure, autopilot does the same thing, but this still had the danger to get bumped. now they just can be bulkhead tanked and press 2 buttons (undock and warp) to transport ■■■■ for hours. But hey, atleast HS gets safer, because new player are complaining about getting killed in a OPEN PVP game.

I saw some of that in Elite Dangerous, people got their ships back because they got killed by another player. While playing in open play. Not long till CCP things thats a good way to implement.

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Looking Good! Especially love the fitting warnings and this:

Small thing though, you mentioned:

Is there any chance that while you’re looking at this you can allow station containers to be repackaged like every other container? Having to wait weeks to get rid of them is super annoying.


… You do know you have less than a minute between attacking a ship in highsec and dying right? I find it hard to believe that gankers can’t get on field within 3 minutes of the initial bump, or suicide some tackle into the ship to keep it held down.


Good change for the freighter pilots +1


Why is it stupid?

No, they can still get killed. 3 minutes is more than enough time for you to gank a freighter. They’re not completely safe.


Random question, but will this fix the Major conduit bug once and for all then?

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terrible change, removes risk and makes the game stagnate, this is the opposite of chaos.


That is demonstrably false. In contrast, ships will die more often because gankers don’t waste time on bumping a single target hundreds of kilometers away from a gate anymore. It will be gank after gank after gank every 15 minutes. Or if gankers rally want to bump the target away from a gate, they can still reset the timer ever 3 minutes with a suicide rookie ship.

Moreover, ganking in the past did not need bumping at all. Freighters align so slowly that all you really need are some ships in a gate ping ready to warp to the gate where the freighter decloaks from the jump. Bumping is wholly unnecessary for ganking. It only became a “necessity” because ganking moved from a group activity to an alt farm activity.


A bit weird that nullsec keeps getting made more dangerous and highsec safer.
We’re still waiting for that promised change to make T4 and T5 abyssals give suspect status too. A walled garden where everybody runs solo PvE stuff in absolute safety isn’t going to lead to engaging sandbox gameplay…


lmao hot take


You do realize that good ganking groups will be on you within a minute usually of being bumped…

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Ganku desu.