3 Minute Warp Timer - Not Having It Is An Exploit/Avoiding Sentry Guns Is The Same As Avoiding Concord

I think that any ship that is warping should do so after 3 minutes regardless if they are being bumped or stuck on a station geometry.

The only way that the ship should not be able to warp is if it pointed.

CODE can complain about the 3 minute warp timer affecting their game play but not having the 3 minute warp timer is in fact an exploit.

How is not having it an exploit?

Without having the 3 minute warp timer which allows a ship to warp away when stuck on station geometry, which is an uncontrollable factor that is outside of the players control, the bumping ship can purposely bump the target into a structure where the ship would never align due to constantly bumping the station geometry. The ganker can effectively ‘store’ their gank kill by trapping the ship in station geometry that regardless of which tactic is used to help the ship get into warp by another ship the ship would never align and would remain trapped until the gankers were ready to gank it.

Not having the 3 minute warp timer is also an exploit because not having it allows gankers to bump a target out of the range of the gate guns to purposely avoid taking less damage from the gate guns due to their criminal status of of -10. Damage that they would incur from the gate guns in normal mechanics of warping to the target while it is slow boating to a gate on auto pilot for example.

Since all sentry guns are invulnerable and can’t even be locked up, avoiding their attack is the same as avoiding the attack of Concord.

Having the 3 minute warp timer does not effect the ganking mechanic at all. Gankers are still able to to use an alt to warp the target and then gank it. So no style of play has been effected.

51:42 in the video below.









Inb4 lock

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God damn I wish the pupils weren’t even with each other in that emojii.

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Alright, I’ll bite…

That video is 2 years old. Which means either they haven’t gotten around to implementing it yet. Or they changed their minds and decided Bumping is legit.

Take your pick as to why you’re still getting juggled. And then bring an Alpha in a Frigate to web the hell out of your Freighter so you go to warp as soon as you get about 5 m/s in the right direction.

Why would they do that? There’s no such thing.

It doesn’t appear to be them complaining at all.

Obviously CODE is complaining because everyone that has posted a comment in response is hoping to keep CCP from implementing the 3 Minute Warp Timer based on those opposing and those wanting the warp timer implemented.


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No it isnt.

I suspect you need some help operating your space machine.


How can a ship warp if it is not aligned?

What about if a ship is pointing the wrong way? Or doesn’t have enough capacitor?

When CCP designed this game they put in a whole physics simulation that required ships to meet certain criteria to enter warp, presumably to allow interesting sandbox gameplay to develop around it. I imagine it would have been much easier to code if you just had all ships enter warp x seconds after pushing the button, but they didn’t. This means that interfering objects, positions, collisions and the like all can influence how and when a ship enters warp.

It’s fine for CCP to say that some emergent strategy or behaviour is too oppressive and a change needs to be made to the game to make it better, but it certainly isn’t an “exploit” that ships don’t enter warp a certain time after the pilot clicks ‘warp’ - it is completely intended to work that way. I think you’d have better success arguing that bumping is negatively impacting the game (and no, that doesn’t mean your game, but the game in general) rather than arbitrarily declaring it an exploit, something that CCP get to decide.

Honestly, declaring things and exploit is the lazy way out for the developer. CCP should just code their game so it works as they intend instead of declaring possible in-game activities “an exploit”. I get that is hard in a sandbox game, and that there are some exploits that CCP can’t reasonably code out of the game, especially those involving hacking and other nefarious behaviour, but declaring something an exploit should be the last resort after every effort is made to fix the game.

In any case, bumping someone to prevent warp isn’t an exploit - it’s a normal game mechanic. That could change, or CCP could implement a 3 minute timer, but I just like CrimeWatch 2.0 didn’t stop miscreants from killing people in highsec, nerfing of bump-tackle isn’t going to stop freighters from exploding. Plenty of other ships that are effectively immune to bumping regularly explode in highsec, and you can even fit a point on a rookie ship providing an easy alternative tackle to groups as large as those that hunt freighters. I can see why that promise fell off the development roadmap given how useless it really is to spend real dev resources on a non-problem.


See, when you post a reply like that, it’s immediately transparent that you’re just trying to goat the OP into responding.

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I really want to know, is this the conversation you have with your family at dinner everynight?

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These bears have taken to pretending their requests are real. In another thread there is a bear pretending bumping = tackle.


I know I shouldn’t… but…
LOL, ok… I love the wording in here.

Why would the ganker bump someone out of range of the guns to avoid taking less damage? … and why would the sec status make a difference. I mean, usually we just bump away and burn them down, never realized people with higher sec status would take less damage from the guns. And then, with that…

Yes, How can not having something be an exploit? I don’t have 10T isk in my wallet, EXPLOIT! Because not having it prevents me from bringing love to all! Everyone wants that.

Forgot where the “dock” command is eh? Strange given the source.

I was unaware that being out of range of CONCORD was an exploit… checks sources… wait… it isn’t.

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