Why does CCP consider fixing bumping so complicated?

Bumping is an issue which has an effect at players of all levels, however it is specifically punitive to Alpha players, who have no accessible means of escaping from repeated bumps. The time limit currently in effect just serves to cause active bumpers to shuffle between accounts to maintain a total lock down of the target. There are two very obvious solutions to this problem, the results of which would have no negative impact on gameplay, only on cheating by abusing the bumping system.

  1. (Aggressive option) If a player activates a jump drive before a bump takes place, that player becomes a criminal.

  2. (Passive option) If a player activates a jump drive, they enter the same state of non-collision they experience during a standard warp.

Neither option impacts normal gameplay in any way, only the cheating engaged in by sad individuals manipulating the system to drive away new players.

Rather than going on about how nobody is safe, and undocking is consent to pvp, and other sad excuses, try and actually come up with a way that said changes would impact the game.

What do jump drives have to do with anything?


They’re not excuses, they’re facts. EVE is a PvP game and you have done nothing whatsoever to establish that any change is necessary.


Bumping is not cheating.


So, another useless spam thread with no productive discussion to be had.


I don’t know what this thread is about. Nothing in the original post makes any sense.

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Apparently people are griefing newbies by jumping an endless cycle of capital ships into them, and this is somehow cheating. I suspect that drugs were involved in this.

But the three minute timer pertains to the newbie, not the bumper . . . After three minutes of capital-griefing, the newbie can just warp away.

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Ah, this explains the cheating. Apparently someone has figured out how to make the three minute timer apply to each capital ship that rams the newbie, so jumping in another ship creates another three minute timer before warp.

This guy hasn’t posted in over a year - maybe he is still catching up on all the changes that have happened. Wait till he realizes what happened to all his stuff he left in somebody else’s abandoned citadel :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

leaving items in a player owned station was never a good idea, the great betrayal taught us that

  1. OP, how would you make the difference between “repeated collisions” (which can happen when anchoring on an FC) and “bumping on purpose” ?
  2. OP, how would you allow for bumping to be used in nullsec e.g., to bump combat ships off their tethers and force them back into the fight ? Would you, in that case, call the tethering or the bumping “abusive” or perhaps both ?
  3. What are those alpha pilots flying that is so vulnerable to bumping ?

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