Freighter Bumping Change - Work Around

If your fleet won’t arrive in the 3 minutes limit, start bumping at an earlier gate, knowing the ship will make a jump or two before being destroyed.

At what point I wonder does a ship become “unbumped”? May it be possible to play Pong with a procurer and two Omens?

This would alarm the victim and spectators, and can cost you the opportunity.

How can you not manage being in attack range of a freighter if you know about it from at least 2-3 jumps away?

As soon as you start being bumped you can align to a structure and dock before being bumped again.
What you are proposing only works if the freighter is not paying attention or the system does not have a docking structure.

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If they just ganked they have a 15 minute timer before they can gank again.

Clearly the optimal approach is to make it in the 3 minutes :slight_smile:

There was some guy on INN whining about how this change “effectively kills HiSec ganking”.

Uh, you can hold a freighter in place for 3 minutes… and last I checked pretty much every ship aligns and warps faster than a freighter…? Just hold them for 3 minutes, maybe 3 minutes in the next system if you have to… 6 minutes… plenty of time for some Tornadoes to catch up?

Honestly people can be so whiny in this game.


Dumb gankers, what do you expect? Before CODE and CONDI turned this in to an Alts Online gameplay. people would sit ready on for targets in pings and just warp down to the prey once it jumped through the gate. No bumping was at all necessary in the past. But then Alts Online came a long and destroyed that.


Yeah I don’t understand… most ganking is between Amarr and Jita. It’s a pretty predictable route and there’s only 1-2 systems that really take the lion’s share in ships ganked/day.

Just have your guys in Tornadoes at a structure somewhere… 3 minutes is more than enough time to log in, undock, and warp to the gate. If it’s not then just catch up? IDK man. This doesn’t seem like a big deal.

It’s a good change for getting stuck inside things tho.

It really is not. Most gank squads are ready to undock in Uedama and Niarja. Most ganks happen there. Most targets are being found when they leave Jita or Amarr and are constantly being scanned by scanners. People want to make other people believe that this is a big issue for no good reason.


Well the epilog of course is that only stupid pilots were getting ganked anyway. So after escaping the bump those pilots will re-engage Auto Pilot.

Let’s see, oh yes 350 kills in the last hour in UD, I think I’ll fly a billion in cargo through on a Sunday afternoon.

For the good of the genic pool these people should be culled, not coddled. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, a Darwin Award winner.

Easy fix, It doesn’t cost anything to have extra alpha clones.

[Ibis, Ibis fit]

[Empty Low slot]
[Empty Low slot]

Civilian Warp Disruptor
5MN Microwarpdrive I

[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]


The only downside is now CONCORD is on site.

I’m sure they can find a workaround to that too.

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lol… I dont get that.

The timer also reset if you use noob ship with scram to suicide point.


Gank on gate approach if AP freighter

Bump and prevent warp on spawn at gate when entering system

Gank faster, its 3 minutes

Scram, bump, and repeat to reset timer

Aside from hearing gankers holding a freighter hostage, I can only think maybe to bump beyond gate guns if that exist with a set optimal.

They should buff collision so that whichever ship has the larger mass causes the other ship they collide with to shatter into tiny projectiles that then bounce and glance off of the larger ship to travel outwards doing damage to whatever they end up hitting nearby.

This way you could use a big slow ship to literally plow through other smaller ships that could if they were smart easily get out of the way.

Maybe a little more complicated like having “x” amount more mass then the other ship causes it to explode but being closer to the same mass just causes you both damage but the bump still happens.

Then ships who want to bump need to mind their health and if they are not big enough they just pop when they smash into huge ships causing little more than minor shield damage.

Sounds like fun.