Bump tackling

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I have a question for the devs and all players input is of course welcome. Would it be so hard to set a parameter in the game to where if you are bumped by the same ship more than twice in a designated amount of time that it would be considered aggressive and you could retaliate without repercussions just as someone firing on you? That way you have a chance to defend yourself before you are set upon by a larger force. Or are you content with the criminals having the upper hand in this situation?

what happens when you have your friend following you bumps you twice because you stop and don’t tell him what then will you shoot him becuase of that

LOL the fact that you don’t understand how this could be abused tells me everything I need to know about your EVE skill level :smiley:

Even tho there is merely a bait topic :smiley:

Let me just park my ship at the Jita undock and loot everyone after they bump me twice and get killed by CONCORD!

(People repeatedly come up with variations of this suggestion. Needless to say it’s a bad idea.)


Yes, CCP want it to be difficult to shoot gankers.

Mindahouf Davaham

Has collided with your ship twice in the last 30 seconds,
Do you wish to flag them as Suspect?

I think it needs a tiny caveat, that the more maneuverable ship is considered the aggressor.

You missed the fact that your proposal would get abused to flag ‘innocent’ victims that can then freely be shot without CONCORD interference.

See my post directly above yours.

An example, let me put a ‘very unmaneuvrable’ Orca on the Jita undock and flag everyone who bumps into me twice as suspect.

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Aside from being easy to abuse in highsec, this would be a nightmare in large fleet fights.

The aspect of players receiving notifications every tick aside (which could be addressed with a check box to ignore), the bigger issue would be all of the additional checks per tick that the server would need to conduct.

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Yeah, and if their course is a straight line, unless they are on the EXACT same vector as you, they will only bump you once.

I take your point, make it three bumps, I don’t think three has ever happened by accident.

Okay, now I just need to make sure I only bump once every 11 seconds (to avoid bumping thrice every 30) and I won’t get flagged at all, and if I need more bumps I just need another bumping character. In other words, your new flagging rule can easily be circumvented.

It’s a convoluted rule with a lot of 'if’s that people either will exploit or will avoid when they know the rules well.

And the people who will know the rules are the gankers and people abusing it, while the people who will get flagged are the unwary haulers who accidentally run into that same Orca thrice because it somehow keeps getting in their way and now they are somehow suspect why is everyone shooting why isn’t concord helping help someonepleasehel explosion your pod is floating in space.

It’s still a bad idea.

3 bumps in 2 minutes, as per the alignment limit.

I agree with your point that once the criteria are known it would probably be “easy” to circumvent. n+1. At least they had to buy two ships.

I don’t agree that people bump more than once by accident, unless they have set the ship to approach and intend to hit it anyway.

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