Freighter Bumping Change - Work Around

True but your making the assumption that eve space physic aren’t anything else but realistic.

Jet engines that can propel you through space at thousands of meters per second compared to loose debris that floats in orbit around a planet at an average speed of 15000 feet per second…

Even without collision the amount of energy related to bumping another ship would be like bumping you into warp instantly if it was realistic (minus not exploding into millions of tiny pieces instantly).

I think it would just add more risk and realism to the game, something you got to think about that makes it harder to just jam pack a fleet together in very tiny space. You got to remember if it effects them it effects you too so it isn’t like we all won’t have to consider these things while we are playing

So someone who has an active alt account bumps their Orca full of ice heading or other cargo to Jita.

Waits out the timer to be able repeat this new alt bump trick and then safely arrive with goods using their instant dock points.

That makes zero sense. Why would you bump yourself?

So, I was (without testing it out) that a alt could bump the Orca then like prevent future bumps.

I think the corp (legal) triple web would work best though to prevent bumping off gate or station.

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