[March] Little things in the March release

Hi all,

Next time we update Singularity, we’ll have a number of new little things/quality of life changes that we’d like your help with testing :slight_smile:
Many of those changes were suggested and requested by you guys, in our "little things” and various other channels.
Please feel free to head over to that thread to suggest your own little things idea, but if you have comments on the changes introduced here, please post them here

  • Color coding in Fleet watchlist window
  • Targeting bracket on Fleet mates is purple (the fleet color) rather than yellow
  • Text for broadcasts for reps now include what ship type the broadcast came from
  • Fleet tags are now displayed on the targets in the target bar
  • It’s now possible to remove a Fleet tags (from whatever was tagged before)
  • The results from ship scans are now organized by slots
  • The Show Info window for a solarsystem now has a special tab for structures in the system. Please note that like before, it only lists those structures you have docking access at.
  • The HQ listed in Show Info windows for corporation will now be a link
  • A tooltip has been added to the standing icon in the show info window to show what that icon is based on (player to player, player to corp, alliance to corp etc).
  • If your security status is -2 or lower, the tooltip on your security status in the Character sheet will tell you in which systems the faction police will attack
  • There’s now an option to have the Compare tool only list those attributes that differ for the items currently being compared
  • The height of the “Duration” drop down in market orders have been increased, so all entries fit without scrolling
  • The Salvage option for salvage drones has been moved to the top of the right click menu
  • Volume information has been added to the “material input” and “output” tooltips in the Industry window
  • The right click options that have been categorized as potentially especially destructive will now have a red ! in front of them. Among other things, we hope this helps to make it easier to differentiate between “Reprocess” and “Repackage”.

Again, if you have new suggestions, please post them in the little things thread so we can keep this on topic

Happy testing! :slight_smile:


Really cool work. Can we please have a release only consisting of little things and bug fixes. A Crucible 2 in essence.


My god, back to back sensible changes that users actually like. Is this really you, CCP, or am I dreaming? jk

Good job guys and gals!


Yes, much appreciated… however no info in multi-buy window? Would be handy too.



I did add that a while back. It’s in the tooltip that lists the price and price of each order etc (that is, the tooltip on the total, in the bottom right corner of the window)


Outstanding changes! Now just need to add an option to disable chat bubbles :wink:


just these 3 things are a major sea change to group gameplay! ty karkur and your team! <3


These are all awesome changes, CCP Karkur #1


Hey m8s. Can you plz make different colors for moon mining crystals? It would make life so much easier

as always? love the things you do.

thank you Karkur



This alone makes life so insanely easier, because now the little shits in the frigates can be ignored by logi so that logi can focus on saving the main fleet!


I would like to request another small little change for the next patch after the March release. Or for the March release if this change is super easy to fix.

When you are writing something in a chat channel (not Local) and then just docks up while you write, then the text you are writing while you are getting the black screen and then the docking sequence is landing either up in local chat or in the ‘Search’ bar in the ‘Ships’ or ‘Items’ Hangar. So half of the text you have written might be in local chat or in the Search bar in the Hangar because of that.

It depends if you have the Items or Ships hangar as the main window if the text appears in the Search bar there or in local chat.

Is this fixable for the March release or the one after that?

you forgot to remove the chat bubble though :frowning:


As always, a quick reminder: The best place to propose future little things is in the Little Things thread!


Ok, i will post my request there.


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BlockquoteThe right click options that have been categorized as potentially especially destructive will now have a red ! in front of them. Among other things, we hope this helps to make it easier to differentiate between “Reprocess” and “Repackage”.

Does this include “jump” and “bridge”


Roll chat bubbles back please.


Hehe, no, it does not… that would probably involve moving ‘Jump’, next to ‘Eject’, which is probably not ideal

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Thx Developers for making EVE better. Good job.

Problematic moment. Players should see clearly what they choose. Adding warning signals will reduce their overall watchfullness. There is an aware message showing up. Don’t need anything else.
Morever additional signs in options menu will be very annoying. There are a lot of menus in this game and addition elements to it will only hoard it and reduce comfort from usage.

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