[March] Little things in the March release

(Primary Ice) #21

Is there any plan on a return of the Loyaly Point Pool from a running Incursion? :slight_smile:

(sebastion monrow) #22

allow corvette class ships to go into FW plex but not run the timer
add a rig slot and a mid to them aswell

(Ilian Amarin) #23

Please, have this logibros neverending love! This is the best change ever! :heart: :heart: :heart:

(Altrue) #24

You’re the real hero CCP Karkur!

(Skye Fireborn) #25

I have yet to see a “little things” list of changes that disappoints at any step. Love this all!

(Ashterothi) #26

Can we get it back so that we can see who owns the system too? I really hate having to jump through hoops or go out of client to remember if a high sec system is off limits for us in FW.

(Jin'taan) #27

Goddamn you’ve been busy Karkur.

(Nessto Lombardi) #28

Cyno in fleet tab in the “Jump Navigation” window?

(Andrew Xadi) #29

can we get the bridge to in blue and jump to in red for caps and blops in the right click on capacitor menu? it would also be nice to have them more a part from each other

(Barry McCochner) #30

How about being able to suppress further notifications about repackaging items? I can disable them for just about everything else that has more inherent risk.

(Tipa Riot) #31

Wow, never noticed, never moved my mouse to the total. Thank you very much!

(Soldarius) #32

Good stuff.

  • Color coding in Fleet watchlist window
  • Targeting bracket on Fleet mates is purple (the fleet color) rather than yellow

(Nalles) #33

Now we just need the watch list to show range

(Makshima Shogo) #34

And the right click menu to be a little wider so we can name our saved signatures a little more descriptively. But these changing are amazing thanks :smiley:

(Hun Tra) #35

Yesss! <3

(Nikki Canby) #36

As someone who has a little of everything scattered across multiple systems and structures (because each structure has it’s own unique services and bonuses), my corp hangars are a mess. I have to open the corp asset window, extend the drop down and then manually look through each hangar to ensure that corp hangar is empty. Is there a way to colour code the hangar divisions that have assets in it? For example, each of my many corp hangars have 7 divisions and if there are assets in division 1 and 7, can those divisions be a different colour than the rest so I can easily identify which division my corp has assets in?

(Far Farer) #37

I wonder what you mean…
You get payout at the end, and the details are in the Notification. Total LP is still in agent/mission icon.

(Skittles Turisas) #39

Nice little things!

How about a tooltip when hovering over BPO/BPC’s that show us the runs and ME/TE information

(Galileo Shihari) #40

Oh my god. You guys are on a ROLL. First the citadel changes, then the balance pass, then the backend improvements with the chat system and EVE Voice removal, then the SOV and jump fatigue rework, and now this.

I do tagging for incursions, and this is like a godsend. Very excited for the march update, keep up the amazing work.

(Galileo Shihari) #41

The LP info shows payout from each site ran, not a total for that incursion. After 50+ sites ran there is no way to tally it and know what you have.