Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Adria Eqviis) #256

Suggestion: Market window tree view should open/scroll to selected category
Keywords: ui, market
Note: for when you’re searching for similar items

When you put a search query in the Market window, and click something off the results, you get the market data on the right half. Now when you clear the search term with the X in the search bar, the left part reverts to the previous market tree selection you had open.

It should instead, when you click the X, open the tree levels and scroll to the category of the item on the right. This is especially helpful if you’re searching for something where you know a “related” item, e.g. if you remember the name of the Gallente HAC but want the Caldari HAC.

(Adria Eqviis) #257

Suggestion: Fittings dragged while in space should include launched drones
Keywords: ui, fitting
Note: for when you want to link your fit while doing things

When opening the fitting window and dragging the fit to some chat window, drones that are currently in space are not included. They should be.

(Adria Eqviis) #258

Suggestion: Restart all extractors button for PI
Keywords: ui, planetary-interaction
Note: the PI pain is real

The window that opens from Business -> Planetary Colonies should have a “Restart Extractors” button next to “View planet”. This would run through all extractors and just do a stop / start on them, alleviating the pain of manually clicking through all your planets every few days.

I don’t think this makes PI “too easy” for the following reasons:

  • you still need to go around with a hauler to pick up the PI goods
  • you still need to log into your PI alt accounts to actually click the button
  • clicking the button too frequently wastes PI goo because you’re restarting partial extracting cycles
  • the button doesn’t allow adjusting the extraction cycle length. (Maybe it should even do that, for when you’re going on vacation for a week, but — separate feature.)

(Adria Eqviis) #259

Suggestion: Ability to save & switch to separate sets of standings
Keywords: ui, overview, standings
Note: for streamers, mercenaries, and war engagements

(This is a rather large QoL feature, but still.)

It should be possible to (temporarily) switch to a different set of standings, which ignores all personal, corp and alliance settings. These sets should be able to be saved and linked (like overview settings.)

This feature is inspired by both watching Avaren’s stream (and seeing how much he’s struggling to sort things into appropriate colors), as well as frequent war incidents where “allied for specific situations only” people shoot each other mistakenly.

Having a feature where you can switch to a completely separate set of standings (which you can save somewhere, and link in your fleet) would be a visual/presentation game-changer here. It’s hard enough to make EVE streams and videos on twitch/youtube interesting (or even understandable); having related parties appropriately colored would probably help a ton.

NB: this really needs to disable any personal, corp, alliance, and maybe even “my corp/my alliance” coloring. Making it just another “layer” after alliance/corp/personal means you get interference for things that aren’t included in the “standings set”. Also, it’d be great if both the “neutral standing” and “no standing” colors can be used (this gives another two colors for e.g. 3-way engagements.)

This would also tie in great with additional colors, but that’s a separate piece.

P.S.: the setting should probably be cleared on logout. People will forget they switched to a different standings-set…

(Adria Eqviis) #260

Suggestion: Ability to repackage & “deliver items” that are in containers
Keywords: ui, containers
Note: reduce main item hangar clutter

When using station containers (e.g. to sort loot), it’d be great if the “Deliver Items” option was available for items in these containers. Currently, you have to drag them to your main item hangar, separate them out from whatever other crap you had in there (ugh), and then deliver them.

(For contracts this is difficult because the contract can fail/be aborted, which means the items need to be returned [they could just be dumped into the main item hangar though]. For “deliver” this is not an issue and it should just work.)

While we’re at it, repackaging items in containers would also be great.

(Adria Eqviis) #261

Suggestion: Ability to group / add personal tags on fleet watchlist
Keywords: ui, fleet
Note: for logi pilots

The fleet watchlist (which is most heavily used by Logistics pilots) could really benefit from some kind of a grouping/tagging scheme. There are lots of ways to do this, among them:

  • having “create group”/“move to group” options like in the drone window (which is already very similar to the watchlist window)
  • adding a separate column of arbitrary tag data
  • even colors would be cool

The first is probably easiest to do here, however there is a small issue for people who don’t have large screens since the group title would waste another row of watchlist (yes, there’s already a lot of screen clutter while in a fleet, especially as a logi, so the extra rows matter.)

UPDATE: colors announced to be in upcoming SiSi patch!

(Dior Ambraelle) #262

Suggestion: make a “weapon catalogue” similar to the ship tree
Keywords: weapons, information
Note: this should/would allow people to see the details and compare the weapon types easier.

Currently if we want to check the stats of the weapons our options are:

  • find them on the market one by one
  • find the required skills and access them from there
  • open the simulator, find a ship that can fit the type and size and have enough high slots to fit all of the versions we’re interested in

What I’m asking for is a ship tree like layout that shows the weapons (or at least their types) with some basic information like optimal and falloff range, damage modifier and tracking. This would make it much easier to tell the difference between the electron, neutron and ion blasters for example.

(Dekan Krow) #263

Suggestion: Make Aura Smarter (recognize difference between “new player” and “new character”).
Keywords: New Player Experience, tutorial
Note: Option to speed through tutorial by performing tasks without watching “movies”.

I am currently stuck in the New Player Experience unable to progress further because Aura does not recognize that I have already looted the wrecks. I am not a new player, but this is a new character. Yes, I can bypass the tutorial, but then my new character will not receive the goodies to help get him started.

The triggers that watch for each task should begin before the FC starts yammering, so that while he/she is chatting, I can be performing each of the tasks to move on to the next step. That way, I don’t have to skip the tutorial completely, can complete the tasks quicker and move on to the next.

(Sarmatiko) #264

Suggestion: Optional Audio\Visual Notification in case of initiating the warp drive with active drones still present in space.
Keywords: QoL, Notifications

Note: It would be cool to receive notification in such cases. Some drones are really expensive and we could avoid a lot of hassle (buying new\searching old drones with combat probes etc) if some form of notification (or even optional safety mechanic like “prevent warp if drones are present”) is implemented.

(addelee) #265

Suggestion: Recall lost Fighters
Keywords: ui, Fighters
Note: Useful when disconnected or docked then undocked. Work like drones.

(Krilka Liogann) #266

Suggestion: Ability to move System Info, Route, Timers, other top left icons and related menus everywhere
Keywords: UI, customization
Note: Useful for multi monitor and symmetric monitor setups

(Krilka Liogann) #267

Suggestion: Show the sensor overlay for bookmarks and signatures when in control of an Upwell structure
Keywords: UI, structure, bookmark, signature
Note: Useful if coordinating warp-ins during a fight on the structure while in control of it and keeping an eye on the signatures without undocking

(Krilka Liogann) #268

Suggestion: Include the possibility to make the ship tree floating like every other window
Keyword: UI, ship tree
Note: If you have other menus on your monitor you need to minimize them all to see the full ship tree

(Krilka Liogann) #269

Suggestion: Increase the customization of the game menus allowing for the merging with the Eve Universe.
Keywords: UI, transparency, text, menu, border, customization
Note: Having less square boxes on the monitor would increase game immersion

The things that come to mind I would like to be able to modify are: text alignment; columns order; icon positioning and size (in the probe or directional scanner, selected item, station services);
background and border transparency (to also eliminate the background completely); font size different for every window (not only customizable in the chat window);
positioning of every area of a window (aligning the member list in chat on the left side, last message at the top); moving icons in the radial menu.
If you would give the opportunity to customize the menus similarly to the Overview tabs titles (I know, just color and tab font size) I would probably rewrite every single menu until I find the option I like.

(Krilka Liogann) #270

Suggestion: Increase the options for local chat
Keyword: UI, local, chat
Note: Sorting and filters for local chat members, blocking messages from particular characters, messages when changing systems with system name, closing local chat definitely,

Sorting and filtering could be useful to watch for war targets, suspects or criminals, allies, how many people of the same corp, how many people with a certain standing.
Blocking the ability to see messages from selected characters will finally end the cluttering of local chat from scammers and spammers in trade hubs.
If someone posts a scam contract and you’re smart enough to see it you can just block it.
If someone continues to post a 40 row message in chat and it annoys me I can block him and it won’t bother me anymore
Having a track of where I’ve been and when would be useful. There isn’t always the need to have local chat open or even minimized, an option to close it to not having it pop up every log in would be nice.

(Krilka Liogann) #271

Suggestion: Make a tree like the ship tree for other things
Keyword: Tree, module, ammo, item
Note: Scrolling through the market and clicking from window to window can be changed

Having other trees that explains the relations between items is more intuitive than tabs and menus.
Having a check list of things in game is more appealing to have spreadsheets on your PC (that you would need anyway if you want to be proficient in producing stuff)
A tree for planetary resources to plan production or just help players that wonder where the planetary materials come from.
A tree for modules to understand how can you manufacture or find T1, T2, faction, deadspace, officer items. Not a tep by step guide but a general idea
A tree for item production, for example how to build a T2 ship, with the approximate description of where you can find everything you would need (BPOs, BPCs, minerals from ores, T2 components from moons, planetary materials from Planetary interaction, etc…)
The complexity of the game is daunting and helping understanding it without relying on player-made guides would help new players.

(Krilka Liogann) #272

Suggestion: Targeting using the shortcut plus dragging the cursor over the targets (to form a window) to select multiple targets tied to the overview settings
Keyword: UI, targeting, overview
Note: Useful when targeting enemies ships or drones near other items, or wanting to select specific items (all drones of the enemy)

Trying to select 5 drones around a ship near friendly drones and ships is not possible just dragging the cursor in space while holding the target shortcut. Now you will target the ship, enemy drones, friendly drones and whichever got lock first is what you have.
But if you can filter what you can select with this shortcut you would just need to have an overview tab for the stuff you want and then drag on the whole area in space to get it selected.
The following:

Asteroids are not on the overview but are still targeted

(Grid Dekew) #273

Suggestion: Independent sort and scroll settings for the Overview tabs
Keywords: ui, Overview, sort, scroll
Note: Useful if you require different sort and/or scroll settings for the Overview tabs

When I’m switching between Overview tabs and I require different sort and/or scroll settings for the different tabs, it would be very useful to be able to have independent sort and scroll settings for each tab so I don’t have to constantly change the settings every time I switch tabs.

Additional: I really like Eve Online but there are a few issues with how things work that really irritate me and make my game play experience significantly worse (more tedious). The biggest issue for me is when I am using the Overview and switch between tabs. For instance, if I am mining and I am using the General tab (sorted by Distance…low to high) and then decide to switch over to the Mining tab (and sort by Type so that I can find a specific type of asteroid to mine), when I switch back to the General tab the sorting has changed in the General tab from Distance to Type as well. I then have to re-sort the General tab because I want the General tab left sorted by Distance. And if I happen to scroll down while on the Mining tab (which I usually do), when I switch back to the General tab, the scrolling has also been applied there, so I have to scroll back up because I want the General tab left scrolled at the top (so I can see anything that has warped into the area). Having to do these two extra steps every time I switch tabs is just ridiculous. It makes keeping track of other players and rats jumping into the system near me more difficult. The tabs should keep their own sort and scroll settings or there should be an option to allow this. Does anyone else have these issues? I really think this would be a qualify of life improvement. Thx

(Mr Gud Links) #274

Suggestion: Ability to drag/drop from the trade window to your hanger
Keywords: ui, market
Note: Habit of wanting to drag items from the market to my hanger and things happening but their not.

Please make it so that when you drag an item from the market window to your hanger the buy option pops up.

(Kenji Noguchi) #275

Suggestion: Remove unused options from the right-click menu and group them under “other”.

Keywords: UI, usability, right click menu, QOL

Note: Options used “once a year” clutter the right-click menu, increasing the time and mental energy needed to find the options used frequently. Since that menu is accessed hundreds or thousands of times per play session per player, this adds up, increasing the chance of mistakes and the sensation of clunkiness.
Examples include “capture portrait”, “place bounty”, “block”, “invite to… (chat channel)”, “send corporation invitation”, “report isk spammer”. They all could be easily put into sub-menus (SOCIAL, CORPORATION, FLEET,…) or simply grouped under “OTHER”.