Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Vokan Narkar) #311

Suggestion: Automatically cancel target after hack the container.
Keywoards: scanning, hacking
Notes: When making data/relic sites I often try to hack old container because it is still being targeted - player must either deactivate targetting or click and move onto another targetted container.

I don’t think that there is anything we can do with empty hacked container. There is no more reason to have it target-locked. Therefore I propose a QoL change to automatically untarget the container. Either immediately after we hack it, or after we open/loot it (or open and there will be nothing).

(Vokan Narkar) #312

Suggestion: Allow us to enable notifications for industry jobs finished.
Keywoards: ui, notifications, industry
Notes: For those who are not specialized into industry and are running only one or two jobs at the time, often long-term jobs like bpo research, it would be really great if we got an notification popup that the industry job was completed. This needs to be toggle-able just like other notifications of course as it would be annoying for players specialized in industry.

(Illadelph Justice) #313

Suggestion: Stop collapsing market sidebar/quickbar when wallet/market updates
Keywords: ui, market
Note: Whenever a market order updates, the sidebars collapse. This makes for frustrating gameplay.

I work a lot of market orders. Whenever an item is bought or sold, or when the wallet or market updates for some reason, the expanded menus in the market windows collapse to the base item group level. This leads to a lot of misclicks, errors, and wasted time. This seems more like a bug than a feature, but I filed a bug report about this and was told it was not a bug, and I should submit it here.

(Giddy McFee) #314

Happens to me too, i think it is a bug, work around is add to the quickbar.

(Legion Reaver) #315

Suggestion: Ability to see last time logged in at char selection screen
Keywords: last login
Note: Useful to gauge when last changed market orders

When I’m trying to figure out when the last time I logged into update market orders on a particular alt it would help to know when was the last time i logged in.

(Michael Umangiar) #316

Suggestion: common hangar
Keywords: ui, trade, pi, pve, pvp, manufacturing
Note: Useful for toons which are yours and deal together for trade, manufacturing, pi and others purposes

I have few toons which are deal with pi, sending materials between them as contract or trade is nightmare. So please…

[March] Little things in the March release
[March] Little things in the March release
(Maxi dela Tierra) #317


For us incursion runners: PLEASE add a Tag assigned to an entry in the overview also to the corresponding “Locked item”. Shouldn’t be a big thing to implement?!

(DrButterfly PHD) #318

Suggestion: Ability to set deliver-to character in courier contracts
Keywords: ui, multibuy, market
Note: Useful for market hub traders buying for null toons
I run an online shop for my alliance where they paste a multibuy into my website, send me ISK, and get stuff delivered from Jita via courier contract. Currently I have to do a lot of sorting to deliver items at the other end. Enabling me to specify a deliver-to character would mean my couriers could deliver directly to the customer. Would also be helpful for people buying stuff for their own alts.

(Eternus8lux8lucis) #319

Skins Preview Viewing Window

Need a search feature so we dont have to keep going to show info on each ship but can search for different ship skins directly through the open window. Atm you get only the ship and any skins you personally have for it and what is available.

(yamoshi Yotosala) #320

Suggestion: search bar text retention in industry window
Keywords: Industry, manufacuring,pve
Note: When changing between the Blueprints Facilities Jobs headers any text entered in the search box is lost. My industry allways opens on the jobs tab. I search for a blueprint and then realise I am in the wrong window, switch out and the text is lost. If it could be retained when switching this would be a massive QoL improvemnt.
Offending textbox is highlighted.

(Min Juni) #321

Suggestion: Add Techlevel to all T2 BPCs
Keywords: ui, industry
Note: I like filters in the assetwindow to sort my Blueprints, but there still are T2 BPCs without a T2 tag in the Techcolumn. So filters don’t apply to them.

(Vokan Narkar) #322

Suggestion: When grouping weapons remember the exact configuration and restore it when ungrouping.
Keywords: ui, weapons
Note: So when doing this new event I had this problem that I wanted to have 3, 3 and 2 weapons to deal with multiple threats and then I wanted to group them into one group to better deal with single threat. And then ungroup and have 3-3-2 configuration again. However when I did this, and I grouped my weapons after ungrouping they were in 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 configuration instead and I had to painfully regroup them as I needed.

(Ajem Hinken) #323

Suggestion: Blank rounds/charges
Keywords: weapons, ammo
Notes: Simple enough, do no damage, don’t count as firing a weapon, but instead return ‘hit’ or ‘miss’ to the pilot and target. Potentially usable by corporations to do mock battles or teach PvP cheaply. Kinda like paintball - does no real damage, but you know if you got hit or not

(Vokan Narkar) #324

Suggestion: Do not show “Scoop to drone bay” when rightclicking on drone when in ship with 0 drone bay.
Keywords: ui, drones
Notes: Same as suggestion to not show charges we can’t use it would be better for clarity.

(Vokan Narkar) #325

Suggestion: Allow us to write additional notes into saved fits.
Keywords: fitting manager, notes
Notes: It would be really great if we could write down additional informations about our fit such as “if -pgu, replace gyrostabilizers 2 with compact version” etc.
example image:

(Wesfahrn) #326

Suggestion: Have only one variant of each Ore
Keywords: mining, market
Note: Keeps it simple

There are currently 16 differnt ores and 4 variants of each ore plus compressed variants. This is a mess. Propose to have only one variant of each ore and its compressed counterpart.

(Drammie Askold) #327

The ore variants contain different proportions of materials and the high-end ores are one of the benefits of lower security space. This mess serves a purpose, your proposal is a bad one.

(Takari) #328

Suggestion: Orbit plane to intersect current position
Keywords: orbit, ship command, pve
Note: To give somewhat greater control without overshadowing manual piloting

When choosing the option to Orbit at Current, could the system chose an orbit plane that includes my current ship position or at least within a few 1km of current? This way I could manually pilot to a position I feel would give me the best plane and then hit orbit. It’s not unreasonable that there would be some wobble.

(Wesfahrn) #329

The ore variants contain different proportions of materials and the high-end ores are one of the benefits of lower security space.

Wrong. People dont go to lower security space to mine rich variants of ores, they go to lower security space to mine ores that are not found in highsec. Your argument is bad.

(Daichi Yamato) #330


If you goto null to mine rich plagioclase you are a dumbass.