Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion Nº1: Add additional / alternative ways to display tracking values for turrets in Degrees / Second or (Milli-) Radians / Second or all 3.

Keywords: UI, Modules, Weapons, Turrets

Notes: Currently displayed values are only applicable to transverse velocity at 40 km range too abstract and are of limited practical use at other ranges.
With tracking displayed in Degrees / Second or (Milli-) Radians / Second, it would be simpler to judge the quality of shots regardless of the range.

Suggestion Nº2: Improve base tracking of Dual 150mm Rail Guns by +20% ~ +25% ( from 12 to 14.4 ~ 15 )

Keywords: Modules, Weapons, Medium Hybrid Turrets

Notes: Currently the Dual 150mm Rail Guns are not even viable on hulls / ships that have bonuses to Hybrid weapons… Actually one might be better off fitting Quad Light Beam Lasers, or Rapid Light Missile Launchers if your ship has the missile slots.

Change free mission decline time from 4h to 2h. So we can have longer play sesions.


Read the first post then edit yours., @Thorian_Amadarr there is an algorithm in this particular thread and your suggestion will not be seen

Suggestion: Add small (< 500 ms) delay before expanding Neocom from autohide
Keywords: ui, neocom, autohide
Note: Would make it easier to interact with UI elements near the Neocom

When Neocom Autohide is on, the mouse cursor overshooting a UI element on the side of the screen and hitting the screen edge will result in the Neocom instantly expanding, usually causing the target UI element to move and making the UI interaction take longer than it should.


Being a corp CEO, I perfectly understand the reasons behind the divisions purpose for Corps. Likewise
I also perfectly understand it does not apply to characters as for anything related to automatic payment or limiting access.

This being said as a QoL improvements, I would like to be able to have several divisions for my character use. You may not need it, others may not need it, others may not need it right now till they know about it and realize that it can be useful, some would probably immediately see an interest and so on.

IRL when I moved my bank account to a new bank offering such type of bank account management I did not see the use of it at first. Now I can not imagine myself going back to another bank that would not offer me such kind of functionality …

I won’t die if CCP does not implement it. I am just suggesting.
The fact that it is already implemented for Corporations makes me think humbly that it would not be that difficult to extend to characters.

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Following this improvement with 100 chars in the watch list and related to the Photon UI development.

Suggestion: Watchlist needs multiple columns.
Keywords: UI, fleet, watchlist
Notes: 100 chars in a watchlist is amazing but it’s really hard to fit that kind of watchlist on a screen in a reasonable manner. Unless we can use this as screen, multiple columns would be really cool to have:


Automatically make the WL have 1, 2 or 3 columns depending on width (and for bonus: make the column width adjustable!)
Imagine a WL that goes horizontal in multiple columns! Each one as wide as I wanted it.
My top screen would be just WL <3


Suggestion: ability to point to Alliance Bulletins

Keywords: ui, help pointer
Note: Useful showing new players where to find information

Please can we add a help pointer showing the Alliance Bulletins tab?

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Suggestion: Ability to cancel Multiple Market orders at once.
Keywords: Market, Market Orders
Note: When moving staging systems or market guys moving locations. It would be nice to just highlight everything in the market window and cancel all orders. Instead of having to sit there for an hour having to rightclick-cancel 300+ orders on market.

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Suggestion: New trades behind existing
Keywords: trading, qol
Description: On behalf of anyone who regularly trades out ships for fleets. Please make new trades appear behind existing ones, including when trades are tabbed. This would be a massive qol improvement and stop the situation where you are trading someone a ship and a new trade pops up and you put it in the new persons trade window instead

Suggestion: Delete multiple contracts at once
Keywords: ui, contracts, corporate contracts
Note: resetting 100s of seed contracts every 4 weeks is tedious

Suggestion: Re-issue contracts
Keywords: ui, contracts, corporate contracts
Note: resetting 100s of seed contracts every 4 weeks is tedious

Alliance seeders create 100s of public or alliance contracts for fitted doctrine ships. Every 4 weeks they expire and I have to go through and delete them one by one. The corp contracts I created on the specific toon I am logged into I can right click delete, the corp contracts from other toons I have to open and hit the delete button. I would like to be able to either a) select all my expired contracts and delete them at once, or b) have a mechanic to renew/reissue a contract with the same contents and settings without having to delete.


Suggestion: Deliveries tab in Personal Assets, similar to Asset Safety tab.

Keywords: Assets, qol, ui

Note: I don’t want to have to go through my notification and figure out what I’ve already picked up. From personal assets I can just set an autopilot route to any deliveries I have pending pickup.


Suggestion: Display bookmark name in popoup window asking for confirmation to delete bookmark
Keywords: UI, Bookmarks
Note: In busy environments and systems with lots of bookmarks you may accidentally select the wrong one to delete, if the name of the bookmark is displayed in the confirmation window you can be sure you selected the correct one.

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Suggestion: Chat windows persist dark/light mode setting
Keywords: UI
Note: This is probably considered a bug and I’ve filed EBRs on this but seems like it is low on the importance list. As someone who is getting into lots of channels a day I spend a lot of time having to reset this setting every time

Suggestion: New overview entity type for event beacons
Keywords: UI, Overview, Entity Types
Note: All beacons fall under one overview entity type at present, which means special events can spam an overview with beacons many of us don’t care about often making it harder to find the ones we do care about (e.g., incursion sites). Please consider moving event beacons to their own type, so permanent beacons could be on whilst temporary ones could be off.

Suggestion: Attempt to persist watchlist through DC
Keywords: UI, Watchlist, Fleet, DC
Note: Hoping it would be possible for fleet members in watch list to be saved so that the client could reestablish my watch list if I DC and get auto-invited back to fleet

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Suggestion:Multi select extractor heads to move them all at once.

Keywords: qol, planetary interaction

Notes: When i’m moving my heads, I usually want to keep the same pattern, just a different location.

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Suggestion: Contract links from websites should link properly right away in chat text input boxes.
Keywords: chat, ui, external esi links, contracts, fittings
Notes: When I copy a link to a contract from Abyssal Warp Disruptor - Abyssal Market via the Link button, I have to paste the link into a notepad ingame first, where it automatically turns into a clickable link. This should happen in the chat text box as well so that I do not need the intermediate step with the notepad.


Suggestion: Search contract descriptions (aka ‘Info by Issuer’).

Keywords: ui, contracts, market, qol

Note: Useful buying stuff based on what seller said.

Suggestion: Ability to filter market by “Show only not available”

Keywords: ui, market, seeding

Note: There is a filter already “Show only available”

When seeding the market, it’d be much easier to see which items are out of stock.

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But there is one under Finance.