If I was an EVE Online developer

First of all, why I am posting it as new thread instead of posting it in Little things / Small QoL suggestions? Becase that thread is a garbage bin for all idealists who thinks that CCP cares and they can help improve this game. And because I know nothing will come out of this so before I quit EVE again I wanted to share what I think should be the content of the EVE updates.

Also I will not explain the suggestions deeply and I will expect a high-level of understanding of terms and game mechanics and their current state. So if you don’t understand why I am suggesting that given change then consider you are ignorant of the issue and don’t comment on that.

Note that these are improvements I have thought of when actually playing the game for about month and they are limited to activities I engaged into and I didn’t engaged in a lot of content. There is something to improve about pretty much every aspect of EVE, I can’t understand nobody can see that. This is what the crybears should cry about, not non-consensual pvp which is integral part of this game.

Soo, if I was an EVE Online developer then these would be changes I would do:


  • when setting up the brightness, put the slider on the current brightness level, right now pressing this button is resetting the brightness as it puts the slider into center


  • color the icon of the gate based on whether it is lowsec (orange) or nullsec (red)
  • disable sorting if the overview window is locked (I never ever needed to sort by anything else than distance and it is annoying af whenever I misclick on the header and sorting changes – anyone who needs this functionality can just have overview not locked)
  • show a green Q in top left corner of station which is home of any currently taken mission agent, or which is a destination of a distribution mission; alternatively let us select color highlight for this state in overview settings
  • show a purple C in bottom left corner of a station or citadel where our corp have corporation office in; alternatively let us select color highlight for this state in overview settings
  • color the icon of a sun based on sun color
  • when right clicking on a gate and while having some route already planned, show the options to set the system behind gate as new destination or as a new waypoint

Selected Item

  • never automatically change the window (if locked); cut the text of the object we selected instead with “…”
  • [bugfix] do not show "expired“ killright

User Interface

  • instantly show popup window when pressing shift on any object that has a popup
  • show shortcut behind the action in any of the action list such as when right clicking into space/drones/etc. for example when right clicking drone in space there should be Engage Target (F)
  • remember which of the stacked windows was last opened before docking, then when undocking (or logging in) make sure that window will be opened again by default (right now, the last window in stack is opened)
  • do not show the option add/remove from overview if the overview window is locked
  • when inventory wasn’t opened initially and we open wreck or cargo container and we loot all and there is nothing left it in anymore, close the inventory window afterwards - either by default (I see no problem with that) or optionally in settings
  • remember all windows size and position per resolution and automatically move/resize opened windows when screen resolution is changed
  • store the windows sizes&position into external config file in Documents/EVE for each character which we can share/backup and then manually import/adjust
  • allows us to move active modules such as guns and ewar plus drones between selected targets by drag-and-drop the icon onto selected target circle


  • if the account lapses to the Alpha, remember which character was training skills and automatically restore skills training on this character once the account is re-subbed/plexed to Omega


  • allow repackage used 0/0 BPOs
  • add “load charges” option when right clicking on ammo inside currently boarded ship while being docked so we don’t have to load charges via Fittings window
  • when right clicking at ore in inventory, gray out the compress option if it is not possible
  • when right clicking on ammo in inventory while in space gray out the “load charges” option if there are no suitable guns to load it into
  • when having any item selected inside inventory, then when pressing letter key move the selection to first item starting with that letter
  • allow repackage items that doesn’t have inventory and doesn’t change their volume if repackaged located inside ship or container
  • allow to put there also smaller ships than frigate such as corvette and shuttle into frigate bay (arguably balance change)
  • divide stack window - enable keys + and - to increase/decrease the current number by 1
  • when in space, allow us to directly move items from inventory onto player citadel and open up the Upwell Cargo Deposit window and put theme inside there
  • allow us to self-destruct via right-clicking on capsule in inventory or directly inside station
  • whenever unstacked weapons are stacked, put the “stack” foremost left on the ship control panel (right now the position of the “stack” seems to be random) Implemented in patch 21.01
  • if inventory window is locked, do not allow to move the vertical delimiter either
  • show option Change Name even when multiple ships are selected to allow mass ship renaming

Inventory filter

  • ignore special characters in filter
  • enable item type filtering, ie. if I input “rig” then show all rigs, other keywords: “high”, “mid”, “low”, “gun”, “ammo”, “bpo”, “bpc”, “tag”, “pi”, “rig”, “implant” …

Personal assets / Corporation assets/ Corporation deliveries

  • allow us to move items inside corporation delivery “hangar”, for 10.000 ISK fee if needed to be (as that is the cost of doing this via contract)
  • expand the columns and auto-center them to fit entire window (right now the columns positions are dynamically expanded/positioned depending on the longest item name and can even expand the available screen – which shouldn’t happen, if there is not enough space the text inside columns should be cut)
  • show total m3 and total ISK value of all items inside given station/citadel in that station/citadel columns Volume and Est. Price

Peoples & Places

  • remember if we had opened (sub)folders from P&P in separate window when logging out, show them at same position when logging in
  • show only bookmarks in current system in opened (sub)folder
  • remove the “show only online” checkbox, if the CCP no longer wants us to have this functionality OR make it work


  • automatically de-target successfully hacked container
  • option in settings to always center probes in system which we didn’t use they yet at sun, instead of position we had them in previous system (iirc it used to work like this in past)
  • hotkey or button to center 3d map on our current position
  • automatically make signatures “revealed” and warp-able if we have a personal or corporation bookmark at the center of that signature or at least remember this within server instance instead of client instance


  • [bugfix] when fitting a ship via Fit Ship… or Fit To Active Ship, fit and online first modules that are granting CPU and PG before fitting and onlining anything else to avoid normally working fit have offline modules after fitting it automatically
  • allow saving charges within modules and therefore automatically load them when fitting ship automatically via “Fit to active ship” or “Multifit”
  • allow to move only-once modules to different empty slot without need to unfit/destroy and add again (except rigs outside of simulation of course)

Show info /Regional market

  • allow to move module we are looking at into regional market quickbar as well, and allow this to be done with any additional module/charge under Variations and Used with tabs
  • allow to move module fitted to ship in Fitting window directly into regional market quickbar

Character information

  • show the label we assigned to the contact next to the standing icon (example image)

Sell items

  • if we try to sell an item and currently remembered settings is anything else than “immediately” then set the default cost to be “-1 step” of the current lowest sell order of the same item in same station instead of the highest buy order in same station, likewise do this if we switch from Immediate to anything else


  • automatically cancel current mining module cycle when the asteroid is depleted (this doesn’t happen if we have two or more mining modules on same asteroid)


  • add a “Send” option when right clicking into sub-window where we type our message (this is supposed to help players with a handicap, like my friend who lost his left arm in car accident, without obstructing anyone else) - having a shortcut for that would help as well
  • allow us to choose on which side we want the standing icon in member panel - right now it is hardcoded based on the mode: compact or not

Station panel

  • highlight agents in some way whose mission can be completed

Interactions – Killrights

  • [bugfix] fix the bug that killrights against us doesn’t show
  • automatically move cursor focus inside the sub-window to type cost of the killright, so we can start typing numbers without clicking inside manually
  • enable sorting, by most recent (ie. number of days remaining) and price

Also checkout my other ideas/suggestions which I posted separately as it seemed to me that they don’t fit this list:

New skills Advanced and Elite Infomorph Synchronizing
Automatic refreshing mode of DScan
(Community) Corporation fits for Faction Warfare corporations
Idea to revive bounties and bounty hunting profession

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Even with that huge long list, we still can’t get a numerical capacitor reading on the HUD?

That thing has been removed in all sorts of other text input boxes a while ago. It used to be possible to open a container and the focus was immediately on the Search box so that you could start typing what you were looking for. Another Photon bug that spilled over into the existing UI.

You can create a own Profile for each Account. This then has its own settings independent of the others.


Sure, I’ll read that… hey, can I have your stuff?

I guess he also need to understand how the game works…. Before posting issues.

I lock the overview and still need to change the sort : by type, by distance, by angular.

You mean an additional button “deliver to corporation” ?

AND also remember their width FFS. I place them at a specific place, with a specific width but when I relog theyre are gone, and when I open them again they have too big width EVERY TIME

Thanks I didn’t know about it, so this is already there, I removed this from my list.

Honestly most are pretty salient. I particularly like the removal of market ■■■■■■■■ with the “-1 tick to highest sell order.”

You’re doing it wrong with one particular area though. You threaten to quit, but you show no sign of being serious. You haven’t played the game for more than a decade and finally given up on it, sending your character to doomheim. This means you’re not serious about quitting. Wasting my time is a cardinal sin, and that’s what eve is now, an hour to travel between empires. No thanks. Come back when you actually have the stones to drop it.

No no, I have been misunderstood then. I am not quitting. Not just yet. But I never intented to play EVE for so long and so much as I play it. From the past I know that this leads to burning out and I feel this might soon happen (mainly due to what is CCP (not) doing against cheaters).

I wrote on various threads that I have this long list of improvements I would like to see in EVE and that I will post it eventually. I wanted to share this even if just to prove I wasn’t lying about it and before I burn out and delete all EVE related sites from my web browser bookmarks so there is something I that, if that happens and I quit, stays behind me. Even if it has no purpose anyway, but ppls can always look and see “Hmm this is pretty good, why haven’t CCP done it?”. Which is kinda the point I wanted to make, that CCP could do things like this but instead they are wasting resources on crap like Photon UI, better graphic, docking “animation” and whats not.

Btw didn’t you quit yourself? :smiley:

I did indeed quit. I’m honestly shocked this account can still post here, because I didn’t just un-sub, I had my account deleted.

I gotta be honest, I don’t think improving graphics is a waste of time. It’s something I consider these days when looking at buying games. I’m not very good any more when it comes to skill (read reactions) so having something nice to look at is a definite selling point for me.

Honestly, one of the things pushing me away is CCP are starting to push people out who troll each other. An argument between two people in local is great entertainment if you ask me.

Changes to the way the game works are pretty important, because it is impossible to please everyone. They have to try and balance losing existing players with capturing new ones who like a slightly different game. I should add though, I never used the new UI, and I turned off the docking animation. If anything I’d be happy if docking/undocking was faster. Death to the session change timer, I have ~10GBp/s on some of my USB devices. Are you telling me a technology company can’t do better in a data centre? Gimme a break.

Don’t worry. This is not the end yet. I know for certain that CCP can retrieve your account and even biomassed toons. Even if their names were already taken by some other player they will rename that old toon you had to new name of your chosing.

But this only works if you have a history of buying PLEX and subbing, ie. you were a whale. :wink:

They might even fly your toon to Jita when you decide to come back and comp your meals and drinks.

There is a separate session for the game and this forum and probably signing into other sites through the web based authentication (like this forum) have their own sessions as well thus as long as this session does not expire you can still sign in.

People who sold their characters in the character bazaar also are able to post on their (now sold) characters regardless which is both funny and shocking especially as to me it seems once you authenticated to the forum through the web based authentication service (the same you use to sign in to third-party sites and tools) the system will not check whether your access is still valid until the session on this forum expires or you sign off so which also seem to mean that even if you deauthorize stuff that only prevents access for sites that actively require a password to access and submit information (API calls) but as this forum does not need that (you just keep your session as if signing into any random forum on the internet with its own session data only associated with the forum itself not your authentication to EVE) and it does not re-check your session validity people can still post here even if they sold, biomassed, deleted and whatnot their characters.

Another case of CCP_Quality_Coding (and security) I guess. :psyccp:

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Pretty much my assumption. I have a feeling when my browser updates or I sign out, that’s it, I’ll be gone.

(note: this post is of no relevence, i’m not posting this to cause problems but i just kinda thought it would be funny)

If i were a Dev, even just for a day…
I’d allow instant BS aligning and add x10 DPS…

what about dreds then

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