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Hello Falcon, I hope you are doing well today. I lost track of a thread the other day where you were asking for suggestions for the gui in eve. I had been meaning to provide feedback there, but since i cant find it, here goes.

The primary gui would be a great place to start.

Let’s Start with a few basic things.

First, Can you please make it so that there is a more efficient way to view local? This is probably one of this big changes that really need to take place with the gui. At current, you cannot collapse the window fully. It seems that the window has some sort of ratio split between chat and the member list. Maybe you could look into swapping local into the box above up near the system /route info as part of that element it could be a great start.

Maybe something like this

Perhaps you can add a nice animation that makes the standings icon grow larger by 150-200% and flashing a little when local changes. Add an option for an alter if a neut or red enters the system?

The next biggest upgrade you can do is allowing the radial life bar, to be resized down to 25% of its current size, or maybe have a few “small, medium, large” options. It would also be great to ditch the circle and get something newer, and better looking. sorta like how the agency and map got upgrades. something of similar design and looks would be awesome. Square would be an awesome option instead of circle stuff! or just give us a box with life bars like the system route map (multiple boxes with colors).

We should also be able to drag and drop anything in the gui directly where we want to deposit it. currently it sticks.

Give the same options to targeted items to be sized and upgraded graphics. You might also look at allowing an option in menu to change their spacing.

For some reason you removed the ability to cause items in the overview to blink or not with what ever setting we wanted. Now it seems to only be appleid to specific things. It’d be nice to have that option back.

Thanks for your time.

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By the way to clarify.

The New local options should have the following options

  1. A sound alert option
  2. Ability to customize what standings show up
  3. Animation duration.

Additionally, Clicking it to expand will show player character icons, or maybe will pop up a list of players in a box.

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You mean CCP should introduce lag and long loading times to the update rate of the HUD? Sounds like a great idea. :thinking: A square also wastes lots of space compared to the circle.

The targeted objects items were upgraded in the past to circles because they allowed for more information density over the old rectangles.

Have you tried right clicking the color box in Overview Settings -> Appearance tab? I still see the option “Toggle Blink”.

That won’t happen. Both CCP and the players actually want less information in the local chat because it is “too powerful as an intel provision tool”.

If you dont know what you are talking about, dont speak. Gui updates are incredibly light for life bars etc. So dont come here pretending like a more modern graphic is going to cause lag, because its not. this is probably the least resource intensive item in all of the gui. the fact that your saying something like this is insanity.

Only for specific options (like criminal status).

That is a lie. You dont want it. Players are running 3rd party programs to do these things. So stop with your agenda.

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You’ve got to be incredibly dense, ignorant, or just outright stupid if you fail this badly.

1: EVERYTHING in the Appearance tab for overview settings can be set to blink. Right click the damn thing. You can make the colortag and/or background blink.

2: CCP should seriously consider removing Local from Null You have got to be ■■■■■■■ kidding us.

Have you tried using the Agency window? :thinking: I have and it lags a lot and takes ages to load information.

I just used the option on the corp and alliance color box.


Everyone who uses NEAR2 or any similar program should be banned and the developer double banned.

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Except they arent violating any rules. :parrot:

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Unfortunately. But I can wish, can’t I? :frowning:

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I am a game developer, one who has done a lot of gui work, might I add. These types of elements do not have lag related issues, and if they do it’s on the GUI designer/Coding.

I’d write you some code to show you how it worked if I knew you understood it, otherwise its a waste of time. Basically, you create the concept of deal and take damage, and then tell the gui to update it.

The lag you are getting is on your end, and is locally (Your computer) not the gui.

If that is the case, i apologize. I looked the other day and the feature seemed to have been removed.

No they should not. The problem is not the program, its working with in the guidelines that the CCP team has set. software innovations for gaming are amazing; Especially amazing is how progressed eve has gotten with these systems. ccp, has single handedly set a precedent that has gone unnoticed in the industry, by allowing players to do these things.

The problem is not the program. The problem is that ccp does not have the insight or intelligence to notice that this is a massive QOL update to the game. They should of made their own near part of eve.

This would remove the need for that software, and help invalidate the need for intel channels. This is a huge upgrade to everyone in eve, pvper and pver alike that live in null. From there they could of changed the eula to prohibit these types of software, and blacked out local so that the system would provide intel, but in a limited capacity, allowing local to now show people provide huge potential for the economy, and pvpers to have something to shoot out. Though, im not sure improved risk for miners is exactly a good thing for encouraging them to enter null, it would significantly improve the risk/reward factor and provided much more content for pvpers.

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Then why are you still posting?

Just read a few of his other threads. He’s a 10 year old that thinks himself a developer, but doesn’t even grasp the most basic of basics. It’s best to just ignore him.

– A real developer

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Like the idea to track local. But i would like it realisation not to get many place on interface. And of course flexible system of options and configuration (including turning it of completely).

local option should also have the “autowarp to safe” option to enable.
This would make a nice gui upgrade.

In case it needs to be said, GUI means Graphical User Interface.

An GUI update would have to use existing features, not add stupid ones like this.

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Your sarcasm detector needs new battery.

And no, a GUI modification can integrate new feature. The agency was a GUI update.

This can be made so much more easy, all CCP has to do is hire some nice volunteers and create a phone-center.
So every time a capsuleer undocks, CCP gives you as phone call and tells you “Character xxxx has undocked in x ship with yyyyy modules on and has the intention to ruin your day.
May I warp your sooper dooper to safety, while you sit on the loo, reading a book?”

If CCP cannot reach you on your phone, the police and the FBI is called upon to locate you personally and escort you to the nearest shelter, shuts down all nodes surrounding your sooper dooper and docks it with the valley parking service you deserve.
Only if your sooper dooper “ruin-the-game-more” infinite isk making machine is save and sound tranquility may resume normal operation.

Character x will have its skillpoints ripped out and given to you, its stuff given out to the poor people and the character banned from tranquility.
All family members of character x must sing a non-disclosure agreement and never speak of infinite-farm-isk-online again or will be charged for treason and shot on sight.

The CCP valley sooper dooper infinite-isk-making-machine parking service will then escort you to your home with the national guard, just to be sure.


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