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Since you’re in the mood for changing things in Eve I thought I’d make a post asking for some QOL changes.

Title Bar - Adjustable size/Multiple lines for tabs to allow more stacking of windows.

Scanning Window - I’ve asked this a few times in posts and I’ll always ask for this. Allow a key bind for the X/Y axis of the scan window that’ll allow you only move along a X or Y axis when that key is pressed for the view you’re in. I know I know you can double click and blah blah blah, but having a key bind and then just moving your mouse is so much better then having to click with the mouse constantly.

Search/System/Route - Put these in moveable windows PLEASE!

HUD - Allow options for different layouts. Make it square or bars or whatever just have some variance.

Overview - Allow multi-select when holding shift like you can in Excel. Just hold shift click at the top, keep holding shift, click at the bottom of what you want to target and it targets all in-between. Great for Salvaging. Doing Control + Dragging in space for Wrecks doesn’t always work. Not sure if it’s the method that you sue to figure out which objects are in that range but if a bunch are overlapping it doesn’t want to detect all of them.

Chat Windows - Allow “Member List” to be left or right instead of just right.

Just rando thoughts I had.

Just make a key bind to center the probes on the object you double click. That is the real answer. Why should I have to noodle the box around when all I want is to center it on the red dot?

This stuff belongs in the small things thread. Also, I don’t know about putting this stuff in a window, but it would be nice to be able to reposition it.


“Why should I have…” is not a reason for anything, just like “it’s tedious”.

Taking this example, we’d end up with probing being done automatically,
because after a long chain of “Why should I have…” we’d be arriving at …

… “Why should I have to probe things down on my own?”

If the OP is going to bother pasting the request, he might as well ask for what he really wants.

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This one is actually useful.

What do you mean? I’m the OP. I posted what I really wanted.

My apologies.

Could I get a view similar to Supreme Commander (the first one) that would let me put windows/UI/Chat/etc on there? Doesn’t even need to render a 3D scene… just give me more real-estate for UI elements. (I can’t just stretch the screen over there. Different resolutions)

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Fly safe o/

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