Little things / Small QoL suggestions

I recently found out that pressing “L” while in space, brings up a neat list of bookmarks you have in that system - local bookmarks. Might get close to what you suggest. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Yeah if you have hundreds of bookmarks in the system, that actually will not work, figured.

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Or change the colours and shapes of them so each one looks different on first glance.

Suggestion: Make all structures in all sites explodable.

Reason: Not all sites, like the new EDENCOM sites for example, have explodable structures. It’s awesome to look at the explosions!

But filters ARE perfect for this?
I know the pain of the crystals, one of my best filters is “-Ammo” hides all types of ammo.

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  1. On the new wallet > Overview would it be possible to add a section which shows the difference between Income and Expenses so we can see an exact figure. Yes i know you can do the maths but a visual indicator there on screen would be quicker and easier to read.

  2. Would it also be possible to add a new section which shows the value of items in each of the locations that you have items in (Stations/Outposts etc).

  3. On the Wallet > Overview when we click the listings, could we then see a breakdown of those items included under the percentage shown.

Suggestion: Ability to see Frequency Crystal (and Mining Crystal) damage without needing to load it into a turret
Keywords: Frequency Crystals, Mining Crystals, UI
Note: Quality of Life

How things currently work:
In order to see how much a frequency crystal is damaged, you have to put it into a turret and then look at the tool tip.


How I would like it to work:
Damage bars allow you to see at a glance about how damaged frequency crystals are. Tool tip always shows exact damage amount, even when crystal is sitting in inventory



Can we extend shipnames so they can be 28 characters? That’s enough to fit a zkill link so you can name your whole fleet after a frag and let everyone know where it’s at.

Suggestion: Show identical bpcs as one image, in one row, with the quantity
Keywords: ui, contracts, blueprints
Note: Would be useful for quick glances at contracts so you don’t have to count

Instead of having each bpc (even if they are the same) as quantity 1, have them all in one row with the quantity. Ex. 10 Damavik bpc, all 5 runs, instead of showing a list of 10 bpc at quantity one, show one row of the bpc with a quantity of 10. That way you don’t have to count.


Suggestion: Allow SKINS to be deleted from the character sheet

Keywords: UI, Character sheet, SKINS

Note: since some SKINS are now “soulbound” :roll_eyes: At least let use delete the ones we don’t want to keep the lists tidy.


Suggestion: Events channel message of the day should list the current events.

Keywords: Chat, Community

Note: So that people logging in can see if there is anything new going on.


Add the killmils to your bio.

Suggestion: Allow us to tag modules in the inventory, at least abyssal mods.

Keywords: UI, Inventory

Just now I’m moving five MWDs needed for five different ships due to their nuance in fitting requirements, it would be amazing if I could put on a tag, if only a predetermined symbol, that would indicate which ship it belongs to.


Suggestion 1: Add an option to lock the window resize when the client is running in windowed mode. I hate it when I accidentally resize a carefully positioned and sized window. If you then close the client, the new accidental size becomes the new default when you run the client again.

Suggestion 2: improve the L key functionality. Now L key brings up a window that shows all bookmarks in your current solar system. It’s a great feature, but it can be improved by this:

  • if L window is not open, pressing L will open it and bring it on top
  • if L window is open but in the background, pressing L will bring it on top
  • if L window is on top with focus, pressing L will close the window, turning it to a toggle.

Frameless windowed mode to the rescue. You’ll need some tools to position it, but otherwise it’s very much what you need.

‘Save route’ feature suggestion/request.

I have a regular two-way route I fly that is neither the shortest, safest, or any of the other selectable route options.

The way I have to do it now is set destination, add waypoint and then optimise route on the way out, and same again in reverse on the way back.

It’d be great if I could save routes in some form that I can just select them without the faff of manually creating the custom route each and every time.

Thanks in advance for giving it some consideration!


Just wanted to say I like the new ads in station. Small, immersive detail that makes the game feel a bit more alive.



UI Improvement suggestion: Local broadcast category filters.
Please create checkbox filter options for local to include:
Anomaly alerts
Mission alerts
System Change alerts

I often miss a o/ in local due to stargate travel system change notifications or anomally spawn notifications. Either that or perhaps create a checkbox to only blink on player messages.

Believe it or not the more important things in eve are other players.

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I suggested something similar to this here: Add linkable routes


Suggestion: Ability to name our Drones and Fighters, same as renaming ship

Keywords: drones, fighters, name, rename
Note: Let us name our drones the same way we rename our ships!

Just adds a little flavour, a little more immersion, maybe we’ll be a little more attached to our drones and flights of fighters if we can name them

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Suggestion: Automatic Input cursor focus to Search field on Market windows opening.
Keywords: input, cursor, auto-focus, search
Note: Automatically focuses text input to Search field on each Market window opening which will allow to immediately write search queries without using mouse.

Same feature would be convenient in “Search” tab of “Personal Assets”, “People n Places” and maybe some others.

In my ideal world it would be cool and convenient to access the market through Alt+R -> immediately write and submit search query -> navigate selection between all groups in search results with Up and Down keys - > access(open) necessary group with “Enter” -> farther navigate with Up and Down keys through the items in the group -> access necessary item with “Enter” -> collapse the group and get back to Groups navigation level with “Backspace” -> jump back to Search field input with another “Backspace” when in groups selection level or with the “Alt+S” shortcut at any time.

All this not involving the mouse…

P.s. cursor input auto focus on the Search field will be already good on its own, without other “extra features” described

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