Proposal regarding new hotkeys feature

Thanks to the Eve team for many hours of fun which this game is granted us all.
I have one idea that surely can slightly improve a game itself.
So, everyone know about hotkeys. It save us lots of time.
I propose to Eve developers to make hotkeys presets.
So anybody could manage it’s local hotkeys presets depending on current activity (for example 1 for scanning, 1 for PVP, 1 for ratting etc). Also it will be nice to save and load hotkeys presets with in-game tools.
For my opinion it will give to a player an additional flexibility for good in-game expirience.
Many thanks for any answer in advance.

I kinda like that idea, but I would put it as a selectable mode window on the screen somewhere, because I already use “1”, “2”, “3”, etc. for activate midslots 1, 2, 3, etc.

Have it be like the Camera Settings or the Mode Selector on T3Ds.

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I think it would be nice if they set more things to be able to be hotkeys, like stack all, select all, or pretty much anything in a right click menu. I’m sure why they are not already. But it would be nice.

I’d like a lot to be able to Hotkey the “Clean Ship” option

Rust on your 5-killmarked hull is a sign of honor. Never clean your ships :P.

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