Can we have shortcut keys for UNDOCK and LEAVE SHIP?

Can we have shortcut keys for UNDOCK and LEAVE SHIP?


I would also like the ability to have multiple hotkeys for the same action. I’d like to be able to mouse bind “stop ship” to my mouse without removing “control space” for the same action.

How is it bad idea? Can you elaborate? Just stating “its bad idea” without any explanation is low and useless reply.

The ability to control game not just by mouse but keyboard is a standard.

The only possible problem of this suggestion is that it makes botting easier, but honestly bots doesn’t need to leave ship and undocking can be done easily enough because the button is at fixed place anyway. So this shouldn’t be problem at all.

The hotkeys doesn’t have to be assigned, in fact any new hotkey should probably not be assigned to any button by default in order to not mess up existing players’ custom hotkey binds and that way there is no drawback either.

The issues for me is right clicking on the ship to undock is annoying. I would take not having to right click on the ship to undock also

Can you not use the undock button? Ya know the big button on the right side of the screen.

There should be no reason to R click and undock with that button you press

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Can u not state the obvious? Of course I use the big undock button now, it’s one of the most convenient way to undock. But keyboard shortcuts and customizations are a boon to a complex game like Eve online

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YES! I know theres a big button and i know that its a thing, but i would love to be able to undock while in theatre mode!

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