The "Undock" button should be featured more prominently than the "Board my Corvette button"

It doesn’t make sense for the board my corvette button to be bigger and placed closer to the middle of the screen than the the undock button. I almost never want to board a corvette. If the two buttons switched sizes and places, it would feel much better.


Yes, I agree, the undock button (1) is should be on the position of (2)
Another Idea would be something like number 3, where you have undock and board side by side, and then obviosly the undock on the left side bigger, this way you take up less space :slight_smile:

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CCP just want to lower the price of Corvettes on the market.

Accidental boardings are on the rise, panic selling ensues.

They should get rid of the board your Corvette option entirely and just make it a setting like “Automatically board corvette on undock” that comes into play when you undock in a capsule.

So no more undock in a pod? That wont happen.


To be honest, the Undock button I like in the original UI, but if it was to be updated, a context option, or even a checkbox in settings, that says “use corvette if undocking in capsule” would easily do away with the “board my Corvette” button.

Agreed. I loved the different colored (mostly yellow) undock button to stand out in the station interface.


I was in the clone window and saw the clone buttons. Note the grey buttons are the theme default, whereas the red button is not, yet it is good UI design here because of the whole destructive action issue.


Another option is to make the Board My Corvette button not as tall and hug the bottom of the window.

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