Lost my golem because of how the UI works

I recently lost a golem because of the way the UI is working right now.
I got the ship reimbursed, but I wouldn’t have had to go through the trouble if the “board my corvette” button will be greyed out when you initiate the undocking procedure.

I supposedly clicked undock and “board my corvette” right after. I guess because of the screens that went into sleep mode after I went to send a fax to the sewers (poop dump)

The way it works right now is that the ship you were undocking will be injected into space unpiloted.

When I found out the ship was ejected and tried to scan it down I could not board it as the ship kept warping away as soon as I arrived in close proximity. It kept warping in a 1au circle. I was not able to take it back. However, after a few hours, someone else was able to do so. Good for him though!

Sure, it was my fault for clicking both buttons (unintentionally) but this could have been easily prevented if the board my corvette button had been greyed out. I can’t think of a situation where this would be useful.


Wow, I have to try this.

EDIT: now I remember something similar happened to me a few years back. The ship outside was not real but a ghost, that’s why it was not possible to catch. I think it was still docked and relog solved it. At least I don’t remember losing it, and it was my bling Loki. But your‘s could be a derivate of it.

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I imagine it going something like this…


That’s not a UI problem, that is just a bug


a bug would be that it happened without pressing the corvette button. You can now click the button which should not be possible.

But either way, it should be fixed.

actually happened with other session issues.

Must try that in real life. Eject from a plane and ask for a new one because it if flew around in circles not allowing me to get back in.

Why didnt CCP take the golem away from the thief and give it back to you?

That’s completely stupid, he did not eject from the ship.
He was spawned outside of it because the session registered him in another ship when transmitted to the server.

board my corvette ejects you from your ship

no it does not.
It changes the ship you are to spawn into.

Glad you got it reimbursed. I hate it when UIs or other things cause losses like that.

so that explain why some ship are stuck in the sun until you warp on them