Corvette button

The board corvette button needs to be switched with undock button, or have a different color scheme.

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Then someone else will come saying it should be switched back.

This would be useful.

I would change the style of the undock button, and leave the corvette button the same as the rest of the theme. The idea being that the undock button is potentially destructive whereas the corvette button isn’t.

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Remove the board corvette button from the main section of the station interface and put a button in the last position of the ship hangar for boarding a corvette. for bonus points, put an option in the menu to hide/show the board corvette button.

No need, even though you may not use it, it makes for a great cheap transport ship instead of a shuttle

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Absolutely. The “Undock” button should be far more prominent; it should be the most prominent button on the Station Panel.

I like Feronathus’ idea of making the “Board Corvette” icon trailing in the last position of the Ship Hangar. It could be similar to the “Unestablished Colony” icons and market-links which sink to the bottom of the Planetary Industry window.

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They can take turns randomly. DynamicPhotonUI.

I agree with the color change, maybe yellow?

Or combined … everytime you undock you board a corvettte

Eve ironman mode :muscle:

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