Board my Corvette issue

When Board my Corvette is used while there’s a stack of corvettes present in the hangar, one of the corvettes on the stack is assembled and made active. However, this results in the inventory window hanging in a state of loading. Also, undocking or leaving the corvette ism’t possible.

To undock, change ship and then change back into the corvette

not sure why ccp has added this, why would you board a Corvette!

I guess CCP didn’t anticipate people having a stack of corvettes present in their hangar. I mean, why would you do that?! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a changed feature and I think it applies in Citadels too (where we didn’t have access to rookie ships before). Instead of automatically being given a rookie ship on docking, we can request one only if we want.

There’s lots of reasons:

  1. fit a cyno
  2. can’t carry anything in a pod
  3. extra layer on an expensive clone
  4. pull CONCORD
  5. etc.

Now we don’t get rookie ship spam in our inventory, which is a good thing imo.


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