No Corvette in Inventory

When I die and I’m docked in my pod in a station, I do not see any ship in any of my inventories. I checked my ship hangar and my assets, as well. The only ship I have is my pod, “The Bean”, and nothing else. I’ve been waiting docked for an hour. Undocked and docked back in too. Am I missing something? I take full ownership of operator error, but I’d like to know what it is that I’m doing wrong.

Are you docked in an NPC station, or a player-owned structure like a Fortizar?

Also, do you have an existing ship in this location? You won’t be given a freebee if you have something to fly already.

I do not have an existing ship.

I think I’m in a player owned station.

Go to an NPC station and see what happens.

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Player owned stations don’t spawn Corvettes, only NPC stations. They also always spawn instantly so there is no need to ever wait.

Go finish the career agents and have enough ships for a while and enough money to buy a cruiser.

I keep a couple for a free one way trip ship instead of pulling out my shuttle when I have to go to the trade hub to pick up a new ship.

I took one 10 jumps into low sec the other to pick up a skin I bought for cheap.

Thanks everyone! I tried going to an actual station as opposed to a citadel and of course, I got a ship.


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