No more free starter ships?

I logged an alt in, which I haven’t played in years. Flew to a new station, just in my pod. When I docked, I looked for a new starter ship in the ship hangar, but didn’t see one. Exited and re-docked, still no starter ship. Could have sworn that when I did this before, a new starter ship would be given. Am I remembering wrong, or did that change in the last few years?


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There is a button somewhere underneath the undock that says board my corvette. Corvette is rookie ship not sports car in this case.

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Button on far right: “Enter my Corvette”


What’s what she said. :wink:


Oh, LOL, I saw that buttton since my return, and had no idea what it meant. So, this is a new way of doing it compared to a few years ago, correct? Because I distinctly remember just entering a station in my pod, and finding a starter ship (corvette!) in the ship bay.

Thanks for all the replies :slight_smile:

Glad to help…but wait until you see the other new buttons! Very cool!

(nobody tell him about those ones ok :wink: )

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