Make newbie ship optional!

(Nalles) #1

So, I have some stuff lying around, and waaay too many newbie-ships which the game keeps giving me. Would it be possible to have the option to change it to Claim a ship in a station where you dont have a ship already?

(yellow parasol) #2

That idea is as old as the game itself. It’s not going to happen. For whatever reason. Google might tell you.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #3

It doesn’t work like that, if the agent is in a place why would it reward you with a ship in some other station? One you would most likely think “Why is this here???” Two most ships can be easily carried with a trip or two packed inside one of the haulers you got if they are fit for cargo space. Because let us be honest here, there are people that enjoy moving out of their starting areas, and it is not to live on the immediate next system they encounter, and having to take time to dock on other stations just for the sake of picking them up is not pleasant.

(yellow parasol) #4


He’s talking about the never ending supply of rookie ships in ship-less stations he docks at, with his pod. And he’s right, with time it gets increasingly frustrating to use the asset window, when there are more and more stations with only one rookie ship in them. I once went through mine. It’s no fun having stuff in 200+ stations and a quarter of them only containing rookie ships.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #5

Oh, that, I thought it was the ships from career agents, derp.

Then yeah I do agree with that.

(Amhra Rho) #6

It’s a minor CCP Karkur quality-of-life issue, but as much as we put our corvettes out of their misery, it actually becomes slightly annoying to find and repackage the corvette, extinguish the ship, switch to items, then find the civilian mining laser and kill that, then deal with the the ammo-less turret.

Instead, a simple r-click menu item on corvettes which says something like “Trash Entire Ship” or “Trash All” would be welcome, and it might lead to a cleaner, neater, trash-free New Eden. I’d absolutely utilize that menu choice, and I’m probably not the only one.

(yellow parasol) #7

I’ve been trashing rookie ships remotely, plus fitting inside. You can do that already. Believe me, it doesn’t make the situation any better. You either have to do it every time you dock somewhere in your pod, or you have to do it in batches. Both options smell, trust me, i’ve tried them.

(Amhra Rho) #8

Just to be clear, I’m not being “snarky” - I really do think it’s an annoying process - to the degree that I’ll sometimes put the unenjoyable task off until a later time, and that doesn’t help either for the reasons you mention. And I also agree that batching the process isn’t the solution either.

(Scipio Artelius) #9

We can already trash the entire ship and fitting just through the ‘trash item’ function in the right click menu.

No need to repackage anything.

(Daichi Yamato) #10

Would also like a ‘dispense nooblette’ button rather than autospawning a ship every time i dock in a pod.

(yellow parasol) #11

Nooblette. :blush:

(Old Pervert) #12

God yes.

Just give us the option of requesting one from the ship insurance menu… it checks to see if one already exists in your ship hanger, if not, it gives you one.

(Donkyhotay) #13

Absolutely, I’ve never figured out why it wasn’t redeemable.

(Jint Hikaru) #14

Do all stations have a Ship insurance facility (i dont recall) ?

But yes, this would be a great solution.

Just make the start tutorial instruct a first time player to do this when they first appear in the game, and tell them “you can do this in the future at any station where you have no stored ships and you are in your pod”

(elitatwo) #15

But how are you supposed to get back up your feet after loosing everything?

Pend Insurance only does some advanced advertising and even gives you one (1) unit of tritanium. Now you can go out there and mine to your hearts desires, buy a blueprint and build your own ships.

(Dior Ambraelle) #16

It can be done even if there is no insurance option, or at any citadel, maybe even with carriers: right-click on pod -> request corvette (first from top).
If you have any ship stored in that station, the option isn’t visible.

(Daichi Yamato) #17

Even if you have ships in the station, what’s so wrong about getting another noob ship? Or 100?

(Dior Ambraelle) #18

With the ships nothing, but if all of them will have 1 tritanium in it, that could break things on the market. Why is it there again? You could just give 100 ISK instead.

Also, if you can easily mass produce rookie ships, then you can reach the station limit with them, then unpack all of them, flooding the database. And this would break a lot of things.

(Daichi Yamato) #19

I can do that multi-fitting frigates.

Take the trit out.

(Cindy the Sewer) #20

So your solution is to put all the button pushing onto those of us that like the current mechanic.

The best solution is an opt out solution that way it would probably be easy to add to the game and the current mechanic would still function for those of us that like it just the way it is.