Give rookie ships only when we need them

My suggestion is to have a way to ask for a rookie ship rather than have it given to us when we dock.

They get thrown at us and are always trashed right away except for exceptional cases.
When they are not trashed they end up being forgotten for years and just polute the personal assets window.

A button to ask for one in the ship hangar would solve the problem.
I would help with our often chaotic assets management and still help for those times when we need rookie ships.



Making it an option makes sense: maybe you docked to buy another ship or a shuttle. It’ll be a nice QoL change, but the button to request a new corvette should be clearly visible/accessible for new players. Maybe add a warning/hint when player tries to undock in a capsule without any other ships in hangar?

Just FYI you can right click stuff in the assets window and trash them remotely.


That’s true, trashing the rookie ship remotely solves the consequence of the problem.

Not having the rookie ship in the first place solves the cause of the problem.

Didn’t imply we should not get rid of being spammed with the corvettes, was just offering an alternate solution until CCP implements such a feature (if ever).

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I gave up on worrying about personal assets and storage a long long time ago.

It’s clear CCP have no interest in helping us to manage our storage effectively and make ways to minimize junk.

The personal transportation system also has a big role to play.


+1. Either a button to request one, or a setting in the client with options for when you want one.

Could be as simple as a station service button next to repair ship.

Given that you can so easily get rid of the ship the problem small, not small, tiny, teeny tiny.

Waste of dev time small, especially considering inevitably some newbie will not have a ship and use up GM time to get one.

As a developer myself, I definitely understand your point.

You have to weight the impact of the problem you are solving compared to the effort you are giving to solve it. If the impact is good enough and it takes a reasonable amount of dev time to fix an issue, then you can work on it. Otherwise just leave it.

I think that this issue would be cheap enough to fix to be considered.

thanks CCP <3

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