Let us trash corvettes from any distance

This is a minor thing, but it is annoying. If I go somewhere far away to pick up a ship, I’ll usually hop in a corvette and trash it at my destination, then fly the new ship where it needs to be.

Sometimes I forget to trash the corvette, and I end up with a corvette 50 jumps away taking up space in my assets window.

I know I’m not the only one who has this happen.

It’s just a corvette, let us trash it from anywhere.

You can do that already.

You can select the option, but if you are too far away, it doesn’t work.

Are you certain? The Asset window doesn’t update instantly. Even if you trashed it, the item will still be there for a few minutes or a session change timer. Or do you really get an error message that you are out of range for trashing?

Assets takes 5 minutes to refresh; unless you receive an error message, it should have executed successfully and after 5 minutes you will need to close the asset window and reopen it to refresh. Session changes sometimes can get you an early refresh - like docking/undocking or jumping a gate.

However, if the item is in an Upwell or POS, the game may spit a ‘you don’t have docking rights’ error (even if you do) and refuse to process the remote trash - bug report that if you see it, since it isn’t an intended behavior.

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I’ll try it again tomorrow when I log on, but I’ve selected trash it before, no error message but it’s still there in my assets the next day.

If it isn’t giving an error, and it isn’t removing the item, an in-game bug report (F12) is appropriate- either there should be an error message that is missing, or something is broken in the trash execution and CCP will need to fix it.

OK. I just figured it was out of my trading range so I was unable to trash it for that reason.

FWIW I tried again when I logged in this morning and they are still there, hours later.

Also, I use f12 for something else, so what is bug reporting under in the shortcuts list? Neither bug nor report shows any results in shortcut search.

What did you change F12 to??

As far as what you are looking for, its under the [Window] section of shortcuts and you are looking for [Help] That should be F12.

Or just select help in the neocom, found it there, much simpler.

you asked where it was in the shortcut list, I was telling you where it was.

Yes, thanks.

It does seem weird that everywhere I looked it just said ‘f12 menu’, instead of ‘help menu via f12 or the neocom’.

You can only trash assets at range if you are within the same region, I think.

In which case it should give an error message and not act like it accepted the action.

Which brings me back to my original point…

Corvettes, an item that has no actual value, should be made exempt from this rule.

Corvettes are no less valuable than many other forms of trash (like carbon, log in rewards, a shuttle or certain ship skins, small amounts of P0 PI that happened to be left over, or that strange T1 frigate fit that you forgot and now is in enemy space) and should not be exempt of this rule.

If you don’t want litter in your assets window, clean up behind you.

Also next time I suggest you use shuttles when they are available. They are as worthless as a Corvette, yet align and warp much quicker! :wink:

Corvettes are completely worthless. They are handed out for free. You can’t sell them. You can’t reprocess them.

If I want to trash something it’s because it is worthless to me. Corvettes are in no way special in that regard.

Trash is trash, if you let us trash one thing from any range, it should allow us trash it all. It would be inconsistent otherwise.

Corvettes are already inconsistent as they, and the modules that come with them, cannot be reprocessed.

Making them different in another way should not be a big deal.

That other inconsistency has a good gameplay reason: the corvettes are free and therefore should not have any reprocessing value or they would be a free influx of minerals.

There is no such reason for trashing corvettes. The only reason to allow trashing corvettes at any range is that Muerto Umbra forgets to trash them after using them.

I understand why you are asking for it, I often leave shuttles all over the place for the exact same reason. But that is no reason to allow trashing of shuttles at any range either.

Either change the game to allow trashing of any object at any any range, or do it like it is now where you need to be within the region. No inconsistent exceptions.