Let us trash assets from anywhere

Why we cannot trash items located somewhere else in new eden?
Sometimes there is “item not within reach”. Sometimes it looks likes success but the items are still there.

Let us trash items. Thank you.

You can trash items remotely in Stations. It’s not possible in Structures which just goes to show that Stations are superior to Structure in many ways.


I think you can’t trash while in space either.
Anyway, his request is still valid: let us trash assets from anywhere.

Agree with this. Although going on an adventure to trash items can be fun

can I contract all my unneeded stuff to you, for adventure ? )))

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You can trash assets from anywhere within the region, I think.

If you want to deal with assets further away than that, you can contract them to a trash alt.

Sure , why not lmao

sad the lord of the rings GIF

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