Trashing Items

Why are we still only able to trash 10 items at a time with the new UI?
Yeah, there’s a workaround, but that’s not really an excuse for not fixing it yet…

Why would you trash items?

You have million civil miners?
Dont trash, make a contract and give it to me.

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Remote Trashing items was never possible if the items are in an Upwell structure. That has been the case since the inception of Upwell structures and was never fixed. Remote Trashing items in NPC stations works just fine.

I’m talking about locally trashing in any place. I select 100 items and trash, then there are 90 left

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well there are more workarounds:

  • reprocess everything, number of items should go down significantly. Trash the result. Will cost a small fee.
  • if they are small, just load them all into a ship, undock and jetisson.
  • if you are at a trade hub, buy a container, put them inside, trash the container.
  • Create a public contract, demanding the minimum ISK (100?). They are instantly gone from your inventory and chances are pretty high that someone will accept it. Might want to link the contract in local from time to time if not. Will cost you 10.000 ISK.

When I started playing this game around 2017, after some time I found some bugs and reported them. Most of them are still not fixed to this day.

Or did the new UI fix the bug where sometimes the selected item window is empty after jumping a gate with route set? I stopped playing soon after they forced this trash UI on us so I will give them a benefit of doubt.

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Oh that’s kind of funny when I think about it. Yes it does work

Trash items like what

And then set name on jetcan to gift and abandon …to trololol :stuck_out_tongue:

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