Trashing items scattered on faraway stations

Hello everyone and CCP devs.

I wanna suggest allowing players to freely trash/delete items on any station even if they are faraway. Thank you.

Would be nice, I think it curently is limited to items within your region only.

As a workaround you can remotely contract those items to an alt if you wish to clean your assets window.

it’s like everywhere: You have to call the trashman for special disposals. There’s services that are happy to help you with your problem if you are too busy to take care of your assets on location.

Did you check that it’s not possible already? From asset window.

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I don’t recall how faraway I was , but I was able to trash some items I didn’t feel like jump to.
I’m sure not every thing can be done like that, and it may be a distance thing, but I got rid of many unwanted corvettes that way, emptying my Assets window

Create an alt pilot and contract all of those items to that alt pilot.

Who knows one day you might visit that system and contract some items back.

I believe you can trash things from far away.

You cant trash them if theyre in a station container, though. The entire container must be trashed.

Can’t do sir, have to be close enough.

no you are wrong
You can do it at long range

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Confirmed: In “Personal Assets” I can trash every item, no matter how far or which system. Even from a player owned station in the wormhole I can trash ships, modules, SKINs, … which I scattered throughout New Eden.

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I thought remote trashing was limited to items that are still within your region. But I just tried again and was able to trash an item halfway across the universe.