Trashing items in Personal Assets


CCPlease let me trash items in my personal assets regardless of where I am located in the game. Why isn’t this a thing :frowning:


You should be able to. Just right click on the item and select “Trash It…”
It should be the very bottom option and have a red exclamation mark to the left of it.

“You are not in reach of those items”

been playing for 6 years or something, never understood why it’s never been a thing

It sometimes works. Over a week i got rid of everything without moving.

I agree, it is ridiculous that items cannot be trashed because they are too far away. There is no personal benefit for trashing something so why does it matter how far away it is?

Do you have an idea of when it does and does not work? Eg. distance, WH vs k-space, etc?

I can’t trash stuff in upwell structures remotely.

This. The Asset interface seems to only let you trash items at places you have docking rights, but also doesn’t recognize docking rights on Upwells unless you are docked.

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Documented. Thank you! :pen::spiral_notepad:

Got kicked out of null somewhere around 2009 had a load of items left in a station we didn’t own any longer. So got rid of it via cheap contracts whilst back in high-sec.

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