Remote trashing doesn't remove stuff from assets window

I’m trying to clean up my assets window by remote trashing my items but when I remote trash items, they don’t disappear from the assets window. The items no longer exist because if I try to remote trash it again it says the item is no longer in reach. But if the record is still showing as currently visible, it defeats the point of remote trashing to clean up the assets window. I still have stuff showing from 3+ months ago.

How do I remote trash stuff and get it to disappear from the assets window?

Asset window has a damn annoying delay on the refresh. Why trash? just contract it all to me, I can safely and humanly dispose of the material.

A three month delay? Is that for real?

You won’t be able to access most of the stations that my trash is located at sadly.

No. It is a 5 minute delay.

So why have I still got stuff showing that I trashed over 3 months ago?

I have no idea. I would just try again. What are you trying to trash? Not all items in EvE can be trashed ( minerals and ores for instance).

Shuttles, data site trash like armour blocks, bookmarks, strippers, ammunition.

Funny thing is, I remember being able to remote trash successfully before. I would say this has only started happening in the last few months.

Esc -> Reset settings -> Clear all cache files

I just tried clearing cache and it doesn’t do anything.

Where did you get that from? I trash minerals and ore all of the time.

Really? I was convinced you could’t. I stand corrected.

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