Trash it

go back old one worked this one half time have dbl click like cloak think cloaked because when click on old one you cloaked this new bs one not always do what told do it garbage plain and simple not ned any the extras you added to it


lol no

Please refine your post with screenshots and explaining what is exactly wrong and mabye CCP would actually look at it.

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Since one can not even begin to understand what you want to tell us, I ask you to edit the whole thing again with some punctuation and clear naming of your problem.

Otherwise I will close here.


Clear and concise.
Finally a thread worth my time :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

How about you read about issues with Photon then in the relevant release feedback topics instead of engaging in lazy-mode forum moderation? :innocent: For instance:

One practical example of what this guy’s issue is like.

This is also a post that you can understand as a non-native english person.

I definitely advise to create a bug report in this case. Neither on this character nor on my private ones I could detect such a behavior.

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