Q; Why "Stop Ship" command to abort undock is not a thing?

Just that, can’t see why this is not that way, seems so natural and intuitive for me…

You can’t stop a ship if it hasn’t even undocked yet.
Abort Undock, which happens in the dock is not the same as Stop Ship which happens in space.

I think what he means is he’d like the shortcut key for stopping ship to also work for stopping undocking which isn’t a bad idea imo. Tbh not even sure if there is a shortcut key for this purpose yet but if not then it could be useful or be a convenience feature. Probably belongs in the small feature suggestion thread or whatever it’s called.


To be fair I do can, try press your “Stop Ship” hotkey when your ship is stopped.

The game will say “Ship Stopping”, which means my command was received and executed. If my ship is already stopped, that has nothing to do with the fact I performed the command, will change how the game perceive my order? Yes, but will have zero implications in my act of order the ship to stop. The game will not say something like “You can’t stop your ship because it is already stopped”.

The thing is: “Stop Ship” is the halt button when I’m unlocked, right? What my halt button would do in the scenario I’m docked?

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Sorry I’m having trouble understanding your English.

I guess it would do what you already wrote it’d do:

So because the game accepts the keyboard input it means the “Stop Ship” input should cancel undocking… Sure,I can go with that. Why not.

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