Station Kill - Then Immediately Dock Up? Super cool gameplay, bro

So I undock with my good 'ol transport ship, throw on my hardeners, hit warp with my 2-3 second warp thinking all is… BOOM, ship destroyed. Sigh. within 3 seconds of undocking? Really? While my screen is still UN-BLACKING itself from station undock? Wtf is that about? How do you possibly defend against this bulls**t?

Not only that, but the guy gets criminal status and his ship is blown up as well. He loses his “Tornado”. Yay. Then he has red skull criminal status AND ------- DOCKS RIGHT UP at the same station I just left!? OH SO HE CAN ENJOY THE PROTECTION even tho HE IS FLASHING RED CRIMINAL STATUS and can DOCK UP, AVOIDING ANY AND ALL DESTRUCTION COMING HIS WAY from me, myself or my crew? What the hell is up with that lame sht? He docks up, AND IS ALLOWED TO DOCK UP only SECONDS AFTER HE BLOWS MY SHT UP??? Wow. Great gameplay. I must say - Eve has gotten very good at turning my opinion sour as of late. Someone explain that to me, please. I’d love to know how this is a thing. Because it is the dumbest crap I have seen lately. I dont give a crap about shooting people at stations. Yay you. But being able to dock up right after you do this crap, as you are flashing RED from doing criminal stuff? No chance to hunt down or kill that player is there? Good times. NO. Lame GAMEPLAY. Period.

You cannot be targeted for 30 seconds after you undock from a station as long as you don’t make any inputs. He was allowed to dock in his pod after Concord nuked his ship. Concord doesn’t pod. As far as Concord is concerned, the score is settled with the loss of his ship.


How is your screen still “unblacking” if you already hit modules and selected to warp? I’ll answer that for you: you can’t so that didn’t happen.

As long as you don’t click warp, activate modules or change direction you have 30 seconds of invulnerability where you can’t be targeted, bumped, smartbombed or anything else. You CAN stop your ship though with ctrl space. And if you use an undocking bookmark (which takes about 2 minutes to set up) you can’t be caught on the undock at all because you’ll go directly from invulnerability into warping.

So a) what you stated didn’t happen and b) it’s VERY easy to avoid


However, if you undock in a ship, you cannot dock back up unless you’re in a pod.

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Yeah, there are a lot of goofy mechanics in this game. But to be fair, even if you’d re-docked to get another ship - chances are his capsule would’ve already been long gone.

Your best bet is to make the kill right available for sale.

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Cool story. I didn’t read it.

I did, the blurb on the back of the book would say “Wah”


However regardless of the OP, just for the sake of being informative towards those who might face that issue: The first undocking after starting the game sometimes takes considerably longer to load. To avoid this problem you can undock in a free corvette to load the outside space part of the rendering engine and to load the local grid, then dock up and when you undock again it should be much faster.


It sounds like you made some mistakes that led to this outcome.

Warping ‘within 3 seconds’ is pretty fast and often fast enough, but also enough time to get caught by people with a dedicated setup waiting for scenarios like yours. Try to fit your ship to warp within 2 seconds!

One trick to instantly warp is to give a warp command when:

  • your ship is already moving at 75% of their maximum speed
  • within 5 degrees of the direction of your warp destination

This is why people can instantly warp away after giving the warp command when they have been ‘aligning’ towards the warp destination already. This instant warp works even for big ships like capitals that normally take a minute to align, but certainly works for your hauler.

As it so happens, when give the undock command your ship is moving above 75% of your max speed already!

The only thing that is missing for an instant warp upon undocking is a warp destination in line with the exit of your station.

This warp destination sometimes is sometimes the gate you wish to warp to (happens often when people strategically place their structures turned so that people can instantly warp out) but for NPC stations you usually are not that lucky as these stations are placed by the game and generally not in line with gates, so you have to spend time turning your ship. However, you can place a bookmark directly in line with the exit of your more-often used NPC stations at a few hundred or thousand km away.

This is called an ‘instant undock bookmark’.

Instead of vulnerable while turning your ship at the predictable location of the undock, where you got killed, you would be able to instantly warp away from the undock and be vulnerable in a semi-random part of space, which is much harder for hostiles to get to in time while you turn your ship to align to the gate.

With such a bookmark I am sure your ship would have lived. I use it all the time in Jita.

Also, your ship is invulnerable for 30 seconds upon undocking as long as you do not give any commands aside from ‘stop your ship’.
This is enough time to wait for your screen to ‘unblack’ upon undocking if your PC is a bit older, or is time to take a look at the ships around you for threats to determine if you may rather wish to dock up again.

Fly safe!


Buy a permit and ask the ganker for permission to undock.


you do have a 30sec timer, if you do NOTHING during that time noone can do anything to you.
so the trick is not to undock and click warp, but to undock and wait for things to be rendered …

2-3 sec Warp on a Transport ship? while undocking is VERY unlikely.

Your fit had a 7sec align time (on paper) but because you exit the station its more like 10-12 sec, as you ned to slow down first. so the attacker had ALOT of time to scan you, light a smoke, decide to do it and click Fire :wink:

preventing this is easy, by do what you said (enable the hardeners)
Then click ALIGN instead of warp, as this way you can still dock if something dodgy goes on.
You not losing any time doing this as when you click warp, the ship will also align first,
the difference is, when you align instead of warp, you can still dock during the alignment.
if you do enter warp immediately, you will have to stop the ship first and then click Dock, which takes too long.

bottom line: never ever ever ever ever click warp on a ship that doesn’t do it instantly.

the attacker is not allowed to dock up, he/she will have a weapons timer if still in the ship.
it’s highsec so the ship(s) will be destroyed by Concord and his Pod can dock after the timer is up.

having all that said, you likely got killed in a single shot, as your harders were clearly NOT active as the attacker only deal’t 4k damage thats just what the ship itself gives you without any modules, where some of your modules greatly reduced the resistance of the ship itself.

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alternatively you could warp to a undock-bookmark instead of your destination first.
which get’s you away from anybodys fire range pretty much instantly.
if the bookmark is less than 5degrees from the alignment you have undocking, you will enter warp instantly.

in short there are quite a few ways to avoid this.

also carry half a Billion isk of cargo in a 600k ship with essentially no protection,
that’s the IRL equivalent to carry a million USD in a 7/11 Bag while sitting on a bus-stop

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Not sure if troll, or just exceedingly stupid even by carebear and/or nullbear standards.

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :thinking: :blush:

he cant immediately dock up due to the weapons timer.

Something is fishy here.

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They said the Tornado pilot docked up their capsule.

CONCORD destroyed the Tornado which one-shot the active tanked DST edit: T1 hauler, a hauler that likely had not yet turned on the hardeners and thus had zero defences.

Does ‘getting killed by CONCORD’ clear your weapons timer? I haven’t tried.

no, it does not. you are not able to jump gate or dock during the weapons timer. the pods prob. warped off and came back to dock. Or no one dunked the pods during the 60 seconds.


OP got good information, advice, and mechanics explanations in this thread. Undeservedly so: they came in to the forums like an entitled whiny child, and should have gotten treated accordingly. This community is too nice.

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I guess you are just here to vent. But if you actually want to know just say so and we can tell you how to to do that.

a badger is not a dst

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