Undocking mechanics

I am all for pvp and I don’t mind that I got blown up undocking from Jita - what I take issue with is not even being able to react to it.

Rather, I clicked undock and when it loaded I was already in warp, in my pod, with a billion isk death killmail. It would have been nice to actually be able to react - turn on hardeners, burn, warp, redock, whatever - at least I might have had a chance!

My game is on raid0 ssd, I have the 6-core intel cpu and my internet is as good as it can be for Australia (I get 338ms ping and consistent 10MB/sec from amazon in London). Would it be totally unrealistic to request that I don’t appear on pirates overviews before they appear on mine?

This is simply not a mechanic that is going to change for a lot of reasons that I won’t bother to detail here. However, it’s also completely avoidable by using undock bookmarks. Essentially, you set up a bookmark inline with the station exit at least 150km away (though it’s even better if they’re completely off grid).

You have a 30 second invulnerability timer from the moment you undock as long as you don’t issue any movement commands (other than a Ctrl-Space stop command). That’s usually long enough for your system to load - even in Jita. Then you can warp to your undock bookmark instantly because it won’t require any alignment and nobody can lock you up.

I don’t believe you. Why?

When you undock you have a full 30-seconds to decide what you want to do. How?

When you undock your ship is invulnerable (cannot be targeted, damaged, or bumped) until you cancel that invulnerability.

So unless your computer locked up for longer than 30-seconds, you’re ether not telling the whole truth or you don’t really understand the mechanics behind what happened. This isn’t CCPs fault.

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