Popped on undock by NPC cruiser

I’m not complaining, I’m actually laughing my ass off. Driving to get a new ship now, but was just wondering when did this become a ‘thing’? Back in the day I was used to players doing this in low-sec pirate-infested sh!tholes, but I’ve never seen an NPC do it LOL.

2016, iirc? With diamond rats and Fobs.

Presumably a Trig

NPC only kills dont show up on KB unless posted by owned afaik?

I generally dont use em, so could be wrong

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Tbh he could have just looked outside before he undocked

Unless he was in an NPC station, don’t think those allow you to look outside iirc?

I like that too.

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Thats fair, though then it would make sense to avoid those in Trig systems.

Ofc he could also be in NPC null.

NPC losses only get uploaded automatically if the player or his corp set a Zkill key, if not it won’t happen. Given that the corp is mostly inactive and seems to be non-combat for the most part I’d say that’s very likely.

No reason to “doubt” anything.

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Also, no reason to call someone a “demented A-hole”.


Was it you, y’big eejit?

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I believe you can undock, hit stop and still be invulnerable for 30 seconds. Only stopping the ship doesn’t make you vulnerable iirc.

I knew a corpmate who would do this every time, to check the surroundings. If we were camped, he would undock then stop for like 29 seconds, then redock lol.

indeed, it’s written on the invulnerability timer’s description.

The issue is with kickout station.

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I can’t see all the posts, and a couple were ‘withdrawn.’ But yeah, I think it was a kickout station because I got blapped instantly, and it was in NPC null. Also, NPC station, not player-owned station.

I was just in a generic destroyer.

Eh not Trigs then.

sansha maybe ?

Hes a tricky one, that Sancho.

counter rythms , and all the likes …

guari garirumpe !!

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