Warp disrupter and docking


since when can a warp - disrupter block me from docking when i am in front of the station - 0 km distance;
perhaps someone can help me. Thanks

It doesn’t.

Unless you have a video recording for people to look at, we can only speculate what happened. These things will prevent you from docking:

  • Clicking “warp to” or “dock” buttons on a station, and falling short. Contrary to popular belief, these buttons don’t guarantee you’ll warp to the station within docking distance: instead of landing at 0 you land at 1,500m away. This is why people make insta-dock bookmarks.
  • Having a weapons timer. If you were in something like a porpoise or orca and giving out mining boosts, each boost gives you a 1-minute weapons timer, and docking (and tether) is denied while you have this timer.
  • Session-change timer. If you were undocking, and panicked at seeing what was sitting outside the station, the worst thing to do is hit “dock” right away*. This is because the session change timer prevents you from re-docking for 10 seconds, and you’re invulnerable when undocking until you take any action. Clicking the button both removes your invuln and won’t let you dock until this timer is up. That’s plenty of time for a hostile to lock you up. This is why people make insta-undock-warp bookmarks: when they undock and see baddies, they warp far far away instantly while still invulnerable, giving them time to warp out of system or back to the station (see: insta-dock bookmarks above).

Hope this helps.


* There are kinds of station models that have the exit right at the edge of the docking range. These are called “kick-out” stations because once you undock you’re pretty much not in docking range anymore. That means even when you wait out your session change timer, you can’t re-dock because you’ll be 5,000m from station! Thus, these “kick-out” stations are unpopular places to live in places like low and very dangerous in npc null sec (where bubbles exist), as you pretty much have to have insta-undock bookmarks for these kinds of stations. Certain empires have more kick-out station models than others.

The only exception is issuing a single stop command which does not break the undock invulnerability but makes your ship stop (though it takes time to come to a complete halt so if it is a kick-out station this doesn’t help too much but probably still better than just moving away at full speed).

(Note: Though keep in mind the undock invulnerability timer will count down still.)

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I appreciate the further clarity, I had indeed completely forgotten about this detail!

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Important to note. If you are scrammed or disrupted at a citadel you cannot dock regardless. Does not matter if you do not have an aggression timer.

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Thanks alot for your explanation; the further details are: i came out of the warp with two other ships of mine to dock, because i was frightend to get attacked. I had set a bookmark for the station. All ships got into the warp, 2 i could dock but one mack was tackeled by an stiletto in front of my athanor. My questions are: how could he point me when coming out of the warp and landing direct in front of the structure. He cake out of the warp too. And is it true, that i cant dock, when iam pointed? Sry for my perhaps srupid questions, but iam quite new. And sry for my english, iam german.

Thanks again

thank you - that i didnt know

On an NPC station you can dock regardless of being pointed. Only if you have a Weapons timer against another player or just a weapons timer from activating bastion mode on a Marauder, then you have to wait out the timer.

That red Icon


Once it runs out you can dock.



Kein Problem! Jeder Tod ist eine Gelegenheit zum lernen.

No problem, every death is an opportunity to learn.

Is it same for player structure?


If you are pointed on a player structure you cannot dock at all.

They were on an athanor

Then yeah no amount of trying to dock is going to help. NPC you still can, but player you cannot.

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