Stop stations from blocking warp attempts?

A small but highly irritating issue I keep running into is stations that make it difficult to warp away after undock.

For example, the IChooseYou station in Perimeter. You can’t warp directly from it to the Jita gate; the station itself blocks you before you reach a high enough speed to enter warp. You either have to jump to another nearby station (or bookmark) and THEN jump to the gate, or manually maneuver around the station until you have a clear shot.

Since I can’t control where the station puts me on undock, I can’t avoid this.

Is there an actual gameplay reason for this behavior? If not, could this get refined so that stations don’t prevent ships from entering warp? Maybe if you are attempting to enter warp, either the station doesn’t block you, or it does block you but you can still build up “virtual” speed that counts toward warp transition.

Poor initial placement.

If you often undock from the same station you can set an insta-undock bookmark as a ping in the distance then from that warp to wherever you want (other station or gate or bookmark or whatnot). Not an overall solution nor one that can be used in case of visiting a new station / citadel but still an option in case of ones you frequently visit.


being you are in high sec and it safe, why not just float out until you clear the station to warp off?

if you are worried about your loots, use an undock, and you should use a docking safe imo. IDK what you mean though, cant warp directly to the citadel from the jita gate? I do it all the time. what am I missing?

I’m not worried about being killed. It’s just really annoying. One of those little annoyances that makes playing Eve a little less fun.

The other way. Warping FROM the citadel TO the Jita gate.

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yea in that case… you just need to float out past till you can clear the citadel. you are or should be tethered… ?

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