How to dock before getting killed?

I have been trying to get to Jita for a while now. It seems 50/50 on if I can dock before getting killed.

What is the magic trick to making your ship dock faster? I tell my ship to dock, I automatically warp to the station, “docking permission requested” and I am suddenly dead and 40 jumps away from Jita.


I’m not sure how you survive the gate jumps. To answer your specific question: selecting “dock” or “warp to zero” at a station will warp you to the station, but sometimes it will drop you a little bit off the station.

If you fly to the station and approach it, so that you are well within the docking ring, and create a bookmark, you can warp to your bookmark later and instantly dock. You might need to do this on an alt.

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Oh thats smart, ill definitely give that a shot!

You are in a war with a group known to claim the Jita docking ring. You probably shouldn’t be going to Jita with that character unless youa re looking for a fight. Use one of your two other characters who is not in you main corporation (and not in this war) to move things to and from Jita, or ask your corp about doing your trading elsewhere.

But yes, you can (probably) dock and undock safely even in a war if you use instadock and instaundock bookmarks.


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