Got blown up outside of Jita

hi there,

im a returning casual player so please enlighten/ bear with me.
i got blown up outside of Jita in a Sunesis (straight warp-to-dock from gate)
lost about 2bil. thats about 10 months of my casual play. (half of all i have)

a few points to help me reflect that i’d appreciate greatly,

-has the mechanics changed? i mean this has never happened before.
if this "could’ happen i’d never hit the 4 bil. bank anyway.
i mean i would imagine if this can happen say even once month i wouldn’t never do courier again.
(cant afford)
i mean i’ve done my homework and know the 2sec align cap, how to mwd-warp on bigger ships etc.

-does the corporate has anything to do with it?
i mean im currently in an old empty corporate (where everybody has quit)
does that make me an easier target? (less protection etc.)

-or if the current faction war that i saw somewhere has anything to do with it?
(that this can only happen while the war lasted)

-oh and im currently alpha, this only affects the cloaking as far as i know.
can being omega prevent this in any way?

-is there any way to take caution and to prevent it?
i mean if this is allowed i wouldn’t see any small personal couriers running with any chance,

how much is the cost of doing this kind of casual killing anyway?

thanks guys,

Do you mean you clicked dock after entering system or you mean you used an insta-dock bookmark?

If the latter did you initiate autopilot mid-warp to ensure once you landed inside the docking ring the game will automatically and without hesitation request to dock?

Edit: But either way for reference for you and others…

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well what happened to the old
right-click on the little box → Dock?
i saw the prettier new interface and everything but this seemed like its still working (it docks)

from the looks of it you guys mean This method can have a couple of seconds delay?
(due to lag etc.)

the auto-pilot during flight is the new trick?


Actually it is a very old trick.

Instadock bookmarks
When you warp to any location your ship will land approximately 2500 meters away from the target. On stations, this means that you can land outside of the docking range and are vulnerable to ganks as you approach the station. This is especially dangerous at trade hubs where gankers may try to kill you. Instadock bookmarks solve this issue.

An instadock bookmark is simply a bookmark that is placed at least 2500 meters inside of the docking range. One common way of creating an instadock bookmark is by undocking from a station and saving the location immediately or while the overview says that you are within 0 meters of that station. Instadock bookmarks can be used in combination with the autopilot. Set the target station as your destination and warp to the instadock bookmark. Enable autopilot after entering the warp. As soon as you land on the bookmark your autopilot will automatically dock your ship.

You can find a demonstration video on Youtube: Staying Safe - Insta-Docks.

The autopilot ensures you don’t have to rely on your own clicking and potential client lag as the autopilot will schedule the command and execute it regardless and at the very moment you exit warp so faster than you manually ever could.


oh what i wrote seemed confusing, i totally meant that i clicked on the Jita bookmark ->Dock,
it was done at the gate while cloaked of course.

Is this method less safe than the autopilot?

I wouldn’t have survived this long if i manually clicked “on” Jita and chose Dock outside of Jita. lol

okay sir this last post has made it perfectly clear now. Thank you very much for that.

i swear to God I always thought the station bookmarks would always be instant docks,
If the slow-boat thing has existed for more than 10 months then
it must’ve been Pure dumb luck that i got this far, cos i’ve never noticed lol.
(a couple seconds of lag was the most i noticed)

thank you again sir and we shall see if i can be motivated enough to play seriously again :rofl:

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Appreciate the post.

It works like this since the beginning as far as I can tell (never read anything to the contrary) and it definitely works like that (and before) since I play EVE since January of 2017 so yes you’ve been lucky in the past or didn’t notice this, which is not surprising as the slight delay of slowboating might seem as a bit of lag or be so short one doesn’t even notice it at all (especially if you arrive to a new grid and it has to load so it even can hide the fact you didn’t dock up right away as your client might seem to freeze or lock up for a moment while loading the grid) which is even more so the case if you fly a fast, agile ship instead of a slow cumbersome hauler.

If interested you can check my guide if you want which has guidelines, tips and such that you might find useful:

Fly safe o/

FYI, this has never been the case in Eve’s history.

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Whats really cool is my Jita insta dock used to be at the back of the old Jita station, its now in the middle of the new structure. I land inside the station and bounce around :smiley:

Just adding the technique I always use. No Autopilot, ever

Right click location->warp to within 0Km->click, then immediately
Right Click location->dock

It will auto dock you instantly upon landing at “0”

If you right click the second time and cant click “Dock” you have missed the timing window

This does not work.

Would help to elaborate on what you are saying doesnt work. Several posted ideas so theres no context to what you are referring to

The post above mine, where he warps to station instead of BM.

This works well, until it doesn’t.

When you warp to a destination, you don’t land in that exact spot. You land somewhere on a sphere with 2km radius around the spot.

This means that if you press ‘warp to within 0km’ on a structure or gate your ship will warp to a point at the edge of the docking/jumping radius. Often you will land inside direct docking range, in which case you can instantly dock. And sometimes you land just outside immediate docking range, but you probably didn’t notice as docking a second later usually isn’t a problem.

… until you try to dock in a ship with expensive cargo and without enough hitpoints, and a Tornado blows you up in that one extra second it takes to get within docking range.

This is why it’s recommended to warp to an insta-dock bookmark well within docking range of a station, instead of warping to 0 at the station itself.

Turning on autopilot while in warp ensures you will automatically dock after landing even if your client starts lagging because of the huge amount of ships on the Jita undock.

There are plenty of youtube videos on how to safe dock.

This should be already understood but here it goes, someone is nearly always scanning all ships on their way into Jita, they know what you are carrying before you jump into Jita, and yes, absolutely the lag is horrible on the gates around Jita either by design (gankers have to be catered to), or just bad design, either way assume they know.

The best drops from ganking come in small ships as people think a small cargo hold means low value and gankers aren’t falling for that cause it’s just obvious that is not a sound tactic.

The reason why it never happened to you until now is that when you warp-to-dock normal way like you did, there is chance that you land at ± 3km from station. This means that more than half times you will be at 0km or less than 500m and you will be able to dock without anyone being even able to target you. Additionally, for anyone to target you, they need a second and another 2seconds to scan your cargo and shoot. Which means that if you land within 2km, then with your ship they won’t be able to shoot anyway, you will be invulnerable before they can press F1. So really there is for the ship you used only 1:7 chance that you will be vulnerable and gankers aren’t there 24/7 either. So really very small chance to die, you just were unlucky today.

Also, <2sec align is not 100% safe either, I lost my sunesis yesterday to gatecamp who had the setup to instalock that. So don’t be suprised when you get stopped at your warp with “insta-warp” ship. :wink:

plenty of videos of ganking too

from gate to dock is about as bad as auto-piloting in my book around any trade hub and a few mission hubs as well. Gankers have them bookmarked and often are looking for juicy targets…

If I was a betting man I’d say the courier contract was the bait and all they had to do is wait for you to show up and get the kill shot off for a payday

Other have said it before me you’re own bookmarked dock point would be best as well as a good undock too

Note… align time rounds up to the next second in the servers(i.e. 2.01 =3)… alphas are VERY limited on ways to get a sub 2 sec align time

before AP would dock your ship, you’d hit your insta-dock bm, then click dock in the selected items panel. you’d get the message “you cannot do that while warping” ,and you ship would auto-dock. if you were too slow clicking dock you’d get “you are in a warp”, and have to manually dock.
it’s worth noting that very agile ships , like a sub-2 second sunesis , come to a stop quicker, and are more likely to land outside the docking ring, while a heavier, less-agile ship will coast into docking range .